07 December 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Places to Read

The meme Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

I don't take part in this meme every week, just when the question/topic strikes my fancy. This week's top ten is:

Coziest/Favourite Place to Read

I don't actually have ten, but here are the ones I could think of!

1. In my bed. This is probably going to be a popular choice, but I know why. I love my bed, it makes me feel so relaxed when I've stacked up some pillows and snuggled under the duvet, whilst reading my favourite book. 
2. On the floor. Okay, this probably sounds quite strange, but I love reading on my bedroom floor. I like lying there in the summer with a good book, and in the company of some snacks and drinks. 
3. In the bath. I read in the bath all the time, and fortunately - touch wood - this hasn't resulted in any book catastrophes for me as of yet. I love just soaking in the hot water, reading my favourite book. 
4. In the car. I don't drive myself, but whenever I am about to go on a 'journey' - even if it's five minutes up the road - I take a book along with me. Unfortunately, this has a down side because the driver often get frustrated when you don't provide conversation. 
5. On the sofa (couch). Like my bed, I find my sofa to be very relaxing - when no one's home at least. I love curling up in the corner with a blanket flung over me, with the TV on to provide some background noise. 

Now it's your turn! Where do you like to read your books?


  1. haha I read in the bath, too! it's comforting and super soothing :D

  2. Aw, I used to read in the bath all the time, but haven't done so in a while! I used to have a special bath pillow. I definitely need to start again :). Fun answers!

  3. Nice list. I also love reading on the floor and any location is fair game. Bedroom, living room, beach…

    Stop by and check out my list if you get a chance.

    Have a good day!

  4. Melissa and Jess - I'm glad you both agree! I think the bath is a popular choice for a place to read. It's so lovely :) I don't have a special bath pillow though, maybe I should buy one...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I used to love reading in the bath.

    I read a lot on the floor too. Sometimes I just need a hard surface!

  6. I can have a lot of trouble reading in the car if there are lots of bends in the road, but I used to read the 20 minute car ride to school every morning and it drove my mum mad because I was never listening to her! Good memories :)

  7. I read on the floor too! I want to read in the bath but I'm really afraid of dropping the book or splashing it.


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