21 January 2011

Guest Post!

Today I made my first ever guest post on another blog! I wrote a shorter review of Inside Out on Alice from The Reader Room's new meme "Read, Review, Recommend" and today the post is up. Go and check it out!

I'm so thrilled that Alice asked me to write a post for her blog - as I've already said, it's my first ever guest post! Alice is really wonderful, and if you aren't following her already, you really should. And to make her even more brilliant, she's from England. *grin* 

Go go go!


  1. I have been and seen :-) You've changed your design? Or is it that I usually read through a reader so don't see it ... It looks very cute anyway!

  2. Yes, I've changed my design again! I'm happier with this one, however I need to work on the banner. I'm not great with Photoshop, as you can probably tell! So I just put this one up until I make something better :)

    Thank you! :D

  3. I love Alice's blog, and I really enjoyed your blog post (great review - seriously!)

    PS...LOVE the new layout :)

  4. That's awesome Amber!!! I like the new layout btw, it's pretty! :)

    And LOOKIE I have my very own blog now! <3

  5. Thank you so much Melissa! Alice does have an excellent blog, doesn't she? :D

    Jen!! Herbal Jen!! Haha. That made me giggle. I was trying to figure out why you had called yourself that.. but then I saw your BLOG :D *grin* Off to check out your first post now :)


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