Books of Amber was created in September 2010. The main reason for this was that none of Amber's friends read very often, and she found that she was storming through books over the summer and wanted to talk about them with someone. Over the past three years, the blog has grown substantially and Amber has since recruited Tatum, a friend and fellow bookworm.

Books of Amber primarily focusses on spreading the word about awesome YA novels, but since Tatum joined the team the types of reviews that are posted have become a lot more eclectic.

About Amber

I'm twenty one years old, and I live in the English countryside. It's pretty dull. I think a rich Australian should adopt me so I can fulfil my destiny of working on a cow farm while picking up a pretty accent.

I mostly review young adult novels, although I read middle grade and adult books as well. I just prefer to review YA or MG. I will post the occasional review of an adult novel, but since I read way more YA than adult this doesn't happen very often.

I watch a lot of TV. It's an issue.

About Tatum

Tatum's working on this. I think. Tatum was not working on this.

Tatum lives in Birmingham and is weirdly disturbed by all things country, unless we're talking about music. She is almost in her mid-twenties, although, since her body seems to have left her brain behind, you would never be able tell. She and Amber met back in 2011 and became fast friends through their mutual hatred for Caroline Forbes.

Another thing you may not be able to tell by speaking with her is that Tatum has degree in English Literature.