01 June 2011

May Wrap Up

This month hasn't been a great one for me. I've had so much stuff going on in my personal life, and I've had exams, so I haven't been able to do much blogging or reading! I still haven't caught up with all of my emails, so if you're waiting for a reply from me please know that I am sorry, and I will get to you soon! I have the winner for my Divergent giveaway ready to be announced, but that will probably have to wait until Saturday or so. Again, I apologise! I've been a rubbish book blogger. Anyway, on with the wrap up.

Books Read and Reviewed:
1. Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready Review
2. Looking for Alaska by John Green Review
3. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys Review
4. Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin Review
5. Poison Study by Maria V Snyder Review
6. Magic Study by Maria V Snyder Review to come
7. Before I Die by Jenny Downham Review
8. Flawless by Lara Chapman Review

Total: 8

Books Bought:
IMM#22 IMM#23

So I read one more book than I read in April. Go me! *rolls eyes* In other news, I have almost completed the Debut Author Challenge! I've read a total of 11 books out of 12. This calls for a happy dance! So much for me worrying about not getting it done by the end of the year - I should have it completed by August!

I hope you all had a fantastic May, and I hope everyone has a brilliant June! I certainly will, as I'm meeting some friends in London and also preparing for my holiday to Crete! Which I'm vlogging about, by the way, so feel free to check out my Youtube channel later in the month for an update on that.


  1. Looks like you read some great books! I recently completed the DAC too I'm excited to see how many debuts I can get read by the end of the year!

  2. Great month, so want to read Shift!

  3. Jessica - Oooh, congratulations! I have a lot more challenges that I'm trying to complete, but they don't seem to be going as well as the DAC.

    Jodie - Gracias, indeed it was :D Shift is FANTASTIC!

  4. You should see my inbox... crazy! I hope you enjoy your holidays! :)


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