11 July 2011

Book of the Month: April - Jun '11

Back in March I picked out the three books that I enjoyed the most for January, February and March. These books are the ones I enjoyed the most during April, May and June. It was hard to choose the books this time around - much harder than before! So, let's get started. 

April's Book of the Month is
This book is the perfect summer read. It's about a girl who spends her summers at a beach house with her mum's friend and her sons. It's a really fun read, with some heavier stuff thrown in. I definitely recommend reading it if you haven't already, perhaps take it to the beach or the pool on a sunny day. I'll be taking the second book with me to Crete this year!

May's Book of the Month is
Ah, the beginning of a new favourite series of mine! Poison Study is set in a fantasy world, and it's about a girl named Yelena who becomes the Commander's new food taster. She has to learn to test for poisons, whilst also learning to fight and to.. well, I shan't say too much ;) But Yelena is an awesome main character (think Rose Hathaway awesome) and Valek is HOT STUFF. 

June's Book of the Month is 
I know, I know, it took me AGES to pick up this book. But everyone was right, it's freakin' awesome! The main characters are fantastic, and the writing is brilliant. It's set in Paris and the descriptions made me feel like I was right there, walking around the school and the city. Definitely pick this book up if you haven't already!

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  1. Ohh l am finally getting Anna and The French Kiss, hope l like it as much as you =)


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