24 August 2011

Book Buying Ban - Round 2

You may recall me attempting to go on a book buying ban earlier this year, and yet ending up with my mum buying me tonnes of books instead. I’ve decided I have way too many books on my to-be-read pile, and ever since Danny made his video declaring he too was participating in a book ban, I decided enough was enough.

I have completely stolen copied Danny’s idea. The rules of my book buying ban are simple.

I must read 10 books from my TBR shelf (YA or otherwise) before I am allowed to buy another book. For every 10 books I read, I will allow either myself or a family member to buy me one book.

Hopefully this should get my TBR pile down. These ten books are books I’ve bought or received from someone else, not review copies. I will still read as many of those as I can. This doesn’t include recent pre-orders either. I have pre-ordered quite a few books, and I refuse to cancel the orders because I’m dying to read most of them, such as If I Die, the Hush, Hush graphic novel etc.

I may pick out ten books from my shelf that I plan to read first, so stay tuned for that. I'm going to have lots of fun rummaging through the shelves to try and pick just ten books.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask you guys if any of you are currently on a book ban, or if you’re thinking about starting one, or even if you’ve done one in the past. How are you/did you do? Was it hard? I’m worried!

Wish me luck! 


  1. This is a great idea! It would actually make for a good goal for the year. I should be doing this too. It's like a reward for good behavior. :P

  2. Great idea, and I wish you best of luck with it! I don't have a ban because as a rule I prefer to exhaust all other options - giveaways, library, book swaps, galleygrabs before actually buying the book *wink* and then buy it as a treat which makes me feel really good. So i'm tricking myself this way :)

  3. Good luck on your book ban! I'm terrible, I have no self-control and really struggle on a book ban- even though I have so many unread books on my shelf already!

  4. My TBR pile is mountainous, but I still find new ones to add to it.
    I am on a sort of ban at the moment because I have no money - so I haven't bought any, but I did pick up another 10 from the library! :D

  5. I do have a lot of books in my TBR pile, so I'm trying to only buy ones that go on sale. Soooo hard! :)

    KC Neal - 10-Second YA Book Reviews; Author of Pyxis: The Discovery

  6. Thank you Jess! Although I definitely can't take credit for the idea, I agree that it's a great one! I just hope that I have enough will power to stick to it!

    Kara-karina - Thank you! I definitely would love to enter as many giveaways as I can, but I'm going to have to hold back. When you see the size of my TBR pile, you'll understand! ;)

    Sally - Thanks :D I have no self control at all, this is definitely going to be a challenge. *high five*

    Becky - Yay for mountainous piles! Haha, will you actually read all of those library books? Whenever I pick books up from the library they hardly ever get read. *headdesk*

    K.C. - Good luck with your 'challenge' as well then! I try to stick to sales and cheap books, but when you really want something.. Well, you know how hard it is!


  7. I went on a book buying ban a couple of months ago. Told my mom not to let me even think about walking into a bookstore before I read 15 books that I had on my shelves first. I think I got up to 8 books...then Borders announced that they were going out of business, and well, I couldn't pass up great deals on books that I wanted :D
    Now my shelves are filled to the brim with books again, so I will be starting another ban soon.

    Good luck on yours!

  8. I recently put myself on a book buying ban. My goal is to read every single book on my bookshelf before buying anything. And if I do so is going to be books of series I have already started. So far it's hasn't been difficult but I STAY AWAY from bookstores.
    The other day after nearly two months of not buying any books or going to the bookstore, I visited Chapters and even though I said I wouldn't buy a book I did. It was on sale I couldn't help myself.
    My point if you don't go near bookstores I think you'll do fine. I just stare at the pretty books online :D

  9. Jessica - Thanks Jessica! It's good to know that yours went well... At first, anyway! Haha. When are you starting yours? Good luck with it!

    Frosy - I have over 100 books on my TBR bookshelf, so I would never be able to read every single one before buying more, haha.
    That's acutally a good point, I forgot about book series! I may need to tweak the rules a little bit. But then again, maybe not, as most of the books that I read are in a series!
    Good luck with yours, I hope it's still going well :D


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