18 October 2011

Class of 2k12

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the Class of 2k12 have now launched their website! Go and follow them for updates on the new debuts that are coming up next year. They also have a Twitter account which is updated frequently. 

Those of you who have been involved in the book community for a while will know that some debut young adult authors get together each year to form the Class of 2k[insert year here] and they host plenty of giveaways, contests, interviews... everything you can imagine and more. Previous authors you may know of are Cassandra Clare (2k7), Jay Asher (2k7), Albert Borris (2k9), Jeri Smith-Ready (2k10), Leah Cypress (2k10), Kiki Hamilton (2k11) and Julia Karr (2k11). 

Go and check it out! 

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