12 March 2012

New Releases (4)

Look! Olga made me a banner! *Happy dance* Isn't it pretty? I've already thanked her, but THANK YOU! <3

There are loads of books coming out this week, so I'll jump right in. As always, I've included the Amazon link. If you buy after clicking from my link, I'll get a tiny percentage of the money. Thank you in advance if you do! My earnings go towards giveaways, so I'm not just trying to get money from you! 

March 13

March 15


  1. So many pretty covers! They all look so good! And the banner is AWESOME!

  2. Starters and Pretty Crooked are fantastic!

    1. I'm glad to hear that! My friend Daph really enjoyed Starters, so I've been really looking forward to reading it :D


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