21 May 2012

New Releases (14): May 22 - 28

6) Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

What are your thoughts on this week's releases? I'm looking forward to Of Poseidon and Unbreak My Heart! The Lost Code was a DNF for me last month, so I won't be buying that one, unfortunately. 


  1. I might buy Fated. It sounds interesting enough. There's not many AMAZING releases this week which is okay as I'm still broke from the start of this month.

    I haven't heard anything good about The Lost Code so I think I'll be skipping that one too!

  2. Not really a wow-release week this week.. But at least Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent is released this week, whoooooop!

    I just finished The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, a great follow up to The Girl in the Steel Corset in my opinion :)


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