12 November 2012

New Releases: November 13 - 19, 2012

All links go to Goodreads. I'm so excited about a lot of these, and they come out the day before my birthday which is even better!

This is obviously about witches.

This is about a guy who volunteers at a suicide hotline and goes on to fall for a troubled caller.

This is set in a domed city on Earth that was set up to protect the British royal family when astronomers saw a comet set on a collision course with Earth. My description wouldn't do it justice, so go read it! It sounds AMAAAAAZING.

I think everyone and their dog is excited for this book!

This is about a girl who lives in an underwater utopia, and a guy who is a Surface Dweller. It reminds me a little of Dark Life by Kat Falls, purely because that also has people living both underwater and on the surface. It sounds good, I'll definitely be checking it out eventually!

This is the third book in the Meridian series, which I have yet to read.

This is about a girl who goes on a class trip to London and is partnered with her nemesis. I love the cover, and it sounds cute so I'll be reading it!

This is a sequel so I have no idea what it's about!

This is about a girl who lives on an island off the coast of California. Her brother dies, and she kind of gets neglected until a boy arrives on the island.

This is the third and final book in the Matched trilogy. I still haven't finished Matched (it's been sitting on my shelf, half-read for nearly two years *headdesk*).

The second book in the Soul Seekers series.

This bind up contains My Soul to Keep (book three), My Soul to Steal (book four) and Reaper (novella). I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I already have them as standalones, so I won't be buying this, but if you get the chance and are interested in this series, you should totally buy the bind ups! This series is awesome.

Whew, that was a lot. Which ones are you most looking forward to? The Soul Screamers bind up? *wink wink nudge nudge*


  1. Black City!! Yes, yes, super excited^^

  2. Ooh! I am yet to read the Soul Screamer series. :) Super excited for reached! <3

  3. Black city, Renegade & Meant to be are on my wish list! And some other books sound interesting as well.

  4. Thanks for your list- I have added my beautiful failure, ashes of twilight and meant to be to my to-read list. I cant wait for reached!


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