23 July 2013

Top Ten Words or Topics That Will Make Me GTFO Of There

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Words or Topics That Will Make Me GTFO of There
aka, things that will make me stay away from a book

1. Erotica
If I wanted to read about dicks and other such things, I would be more likely to pick up a Sterek fanfic than an erotica novel. They just don't interest me in the slightest.

2. A girl being torn between two guys
I don't care about your love interests, I want to be where the action is! Stop worrying about men and think about how you're going to survive the apocalypse.

3. Bad boy/good girl
Sometimes this is done well, other times it does my head in. Particularly in the Perfect Chemistry trilogy, where it was just the same thing over and over again. I adored the first book, but the following books added nothing new.

4. Cassandra Clare
I admittedly enjoyed the first three books in the TMI series, but then I read the fourth and Clockwork Prince and... No. They were bloody awful and I don't know how they got published. THEN I stumbled upon a long post about how the author plagiarised an already published author back when she used to write fan fiction. Add to that a bunch of bullying and lies, and I decided that was enough. I'm not interested in reading her work ever again.

5. Historical fiction set in Medieval England
I'd rather read about some other country's history, because I have had enough of own country's royal drama. Give me ancient history or dinosaurs or stuff about any of the wars instead.
6. "Twilight fans will love it"
Okay, something like this is on the cover of Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, but I'm ignoring that. 

7. A love story disguised as dystopian or apocalyptic
This kind of ties in with the love triangle thing, but I have found that these futuristic novels are often romances in disguise. And they're not very good romances either. Cool it with the love drama and give me the action!

8. "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding."
Just kidding, but I thought Christina would appreciate it.

9. Christian fiction
The one time I tried it (unknowingly, but with an open mind, I promise), the plot was scrapped halfway through to suddenly preach about God and how his way w1ns. No thank you.

10. Cancer
I've read a couple of books featuring characters with cancer before, and I really loved one of them. But I just can't bring myself to read "cancer books" unless I'm really intrigued, since I lost my grandmother to cancer and I would rather not read about it. 


  1. I am right there with you for much of 2 & 3, and pretty much all of 4,5,6,7,9, 10.

    #4 I was reading fanfiction at the time of the whole Cassandra Clare plagiarism scene and she never even apologized. There were lots of writing about it at the time and so I have always boycotted her books.
    #7 This is exactly my issue with most YA. It is almost always romance with another genre as a disguise. And bad romance at that with brooding males a la Edward Cullen stalking ...um I mean wooing...no, I guess I do mean stalking, some female that makes me want to gag.

  2. #4 *cries* but I love Cassandra Clare.........!!

    #7 I agree completely....Then again, I have just gone and completely insulted Twilight in my latest book haul....it just came up!!

  3. Twilight fans will love it is on plenty of lists. No one wants to read those books. You would think companies would quit writing that on their covers!

    My Top Ten

  4. I don't care to read Erotica, and love triangles can really try my patience--especially when they take over the plot--ESPECIALLY when more interesting parts of the story remain undeveloped to give room to the girl whining over her two love interests.

    I read CITY OF BONES, and thought the world was interesting, but I didn't think it was executed. Too many cliches, and stereotypical characters.

    It's interesting to see how many people have the same things on their lists. :)

  5. I agree with everything, especially #1, #7, and #2. They are my major pet peeves! Great list :D
    My TTT

  6. YES PLEASE to #4 and #7.. ugh so over Cassandra Clare! I am SO disappointed after reading Clockwork Princess.. as well as I hated the first book in TMI.. and WHERE ARE ALL THE AUTHENTIC DYSTOPIANS? now they are all LOVE STORIES with a HINT of dystopian. Also agree about Christian fiction (I'm not christian so I'm not interested), Erotica, "twilight or hunger games fans will love this", and finally Cancer books.. I have nothing against cancer books but they just make me depressed in the end!

    great list,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  7. I probably won't ever read another Cassandra Clare novel again either. After City of Fallen Angels I immediately thought she was a sell out and that bothered me. You've got a good list that made me chuckle a couple times.


    Sara @ Just Another Story

  8. Definitely, definitely, definitely agree with #4. (Yes, I needed three definitelys to prove my point. :P)
    I tried Christian Fiction and boy, was it not for me. Like you said, I don't want to read a book, only to see the author preach about God and how he "w1ns." ;D
    Awesome list Amber! :D

  9. I definitely did not know about #4. But I DID know that I was a little tired of her books. All f them are in the same world. I would like to see if she can write about anything else. It's always the same subject in the same world. Just in a different area of the world.

    Great list!

    Here's My TTT

  10. 1. Whyyyyyy do you have to remind me of TW right now, I DESPERATELY WANT TO WATCH IT BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE TECHNOLOGY SUCKS AND AHHHHH. Also: agreed.

    2. I want to murder love triangles in their sleep.

    4. I really, really liked the first three TMI books and I went through this phase where I just randomly bought all of her books. Now I'm scared and also quite uninterested to read them. I will eventually, though, because I spent money on them.

    6. UGH THIS. I HAAAAATE THIS SO MUCH. It makes people HATE on books before reading them, even if those books are actually the best of the best. Also, I hate this even more when it doesn't make ANY sense. Like when they compared If I Stay to Twilight. HOW?!

    7. *cough* The Selection *cough*

  11. Aw I don't think I'll ever get over books set in a historical England, although I agree it's a tad overdone. And I have the same exact point about "fake" dystopians that really exist as the setting for a love story. Hate it so much! I didn't think about the bad boy/good girl trope, but that's also definitely something I tend to avoid. Great list!

  12. With number #7 I think you mean "A romance disguised as dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction." I AM WITH YOU ON THAT ONE. Sometimes it works for me (aka the Delirium trilogy) but most of the time it just doesn't. Honestly, most of the stuff marketed as dystopian fiction these days isn't even really dystopian fiction. It's kind of ridiculous.

    I'm also not a Cassie Clare fan. I read the first two TMI books and stopped because they're just so long and I didn't enjoy them enough for them to be worth my time. Plus the whole controversy you mentioned? Yeah, not a fan. However, I did enjoy Clockwork Angel. Does it really get worse in Clockwork Prince? Hmmm, maybe I won't continue that series either. :P

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick


  14. 1. Sterek? O_o

    2. When it comes to apocalypses, YES. Survival first, sexing later.


    4. Bahaha, no.

    5. Oh really? Makes sense. I hate the colonial period in US history, so I feel some solidarity here. Pardon me where I just keep watching this gif. Pretty abs are pretty.

    6. No thanks. Also, really? Damn. I have the first couple of those books.

    7. See #2.

    8. BAHAHAHA.

    9. Nope. A world of nope.

    10. Cancer books don't have an immediate draw for me either, but I have loved a couple, so...yeah.


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