20 August 2013

Top Ten Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Blogger Easier

Top Ten Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Blogger Easier

Blogging isn't always easy, but there are several things that keep it fun and enjoyable. Since I currently run three blogs, a Youtube channel, work full time, and babysit my younger sister frequently, I have to manage my time carefully. As a fan of scheduling, I especially like the websites that help me stay organised. Even if I am falling a little behind right now. And then, of course, there's the people that I have met during this three-year journey. They definitely make things better.

1. Feedly

I started using Feedly a few months back when it was announced that Google Reader was shutting down. Before I made the switch, I never actually used my Google Reader, and instead I used to go by my Blogger feed. I know, that was silly of me. But then I switched to Feedly and now I feel like I'm commenting on other blogs a lot more. There's a Save For Later option which I totally abuse, considering that I have no time to comment during the week after work, and separating the blogs I follow into categories makes things easy-peasy.

2. Tatum

This is probably going to make her cry, but that's how we roll. I think I would be a pretty miserable blogger without Tatum around to listen to my rants (and rant with me), provide encouragement, force me to read, buy me books, share bookish feels, etc. We often stay up until 3am chatting about the most ridiculous things, and I wake up in the morning with my eyes swollen due to either lack or sleep, crying over OTP feels, or both. So yeah, without Tatum around I'd probably be less fun, and more of an old hag.
3. My new smartphone

Because it's so easy to keep in touch with the blogosphere now! I can log onto Twitter during my lunch break at work, read and edit blog posts, visit other blogs... It's just so much better than having to wait until I get home at 7pm. I don't know how I coped before. It's also great for using WhatsApp, which means I can stalk talk to Judith at all hours of the day about bloggish things like Epic Recs!

4. Twitter

Because without Twitter, I wouldn't have met half of the people or discovered a lot of the blogs that I have done. I wouldn't have found A Reader of Fictions, Queen Ella Bee Reads, or Twilight Sleep, to name a few. It's also very handy when it comes to promoting posts, as well as your favourite books. My liveblogging of Fire with Fire, for example, encouraged a few people to pick up Burn for Burn. I'm very proud of myself.

5. Google Calendar

This is where I keep my blog schedule, and it's all colour-coded and pretty and I love it. I can't remember being without it, but I'm pretty sure I only started using it properly back in early 2012. I'd definitely recommend using some sort of calendar to help you organise and schedule your blog posts and/or reading!

6. Tripod

This one is, quite obviously, to do with Booktube. Before I bought my tripod, I used to balance my camera on a pile of books. It was a lot of hassle getting the right sized books so that the camera was at the right height, and then putting the books away afterwards was a pain.

7. Goodreads

This one should be on everybody's list, and if it isn't then I will seriously question your sanity. Goodreads and I have a love/hate relationship. I adore discovering new books through the site, and I love recording my reading, and also talking with friends about books. At the same time, I'm sick of all the annoying people who try to add me just for promotion, and I also don't like how much money that site makes me spend.
8. Publicists

The publicists who are kind enough to send me books to review make my day several times a month. I love coming home to bookish mail, and getting approved for books on Edelweiss and NetGalley. Without these publicists, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't read half the books that I do. For example, I was sent an unsolicited copy of All Our Yesterdays, and I absolutely devoured that book. I wouldn't have picked it up so soon if I hadn't received it for review! Same goes for Wool, which I read last week and loved. There's no way I would have fitted Wool into my reading schedule if I hadn't received it from the publisher!

9. Bookish friends

Because what would I do without you guys to recommend and talk books with me? Some of the conversations we have are absolutely hilarious, and I can't imagine blogging without you all.

10. My readers

Coming home to find several new blog comments is one of the best feelings in the world. Seriously, even if you disagree with what I have to say, I love each and every comment I receive and I treasure them forever. Even if it does take me a month to reply sometimes.


  1. I didn't know of the 'Feedly' existence. I should try using that to keep track of every blog I adore, because unfortunately, there are so many D:

  2. So I knew Google Reader was done but until now I didn't know what it was... I, like you used to, just use my Blogger feed. I don't think, until I google image searched it just now, I have ever actually seen Google Reader haha. I've seen Google Calender on a few lists and now I want to check it out haha. Great list.

  3. Goodreads is very helpful! Aw! Readers are super important!!!

  4. I set up an account on Feedly today off your recommendation and I LOVE it, so far! <3

  5. Great list. I have been hearing alot about Feedly and will have to look into it-thanks!

  6. Feedly rocks! I love your analysis of Goodreads. So true. I get so much spam and junk from there. But it keeps me so organized! Blogging wouldn't be the same without bookish friends on twitter. Love this post (and the gifs :)

  7. Goodreads and visiting other blogs seriously makes me spend way too much on books as well. I love how you thank your readers. Very sweet of you!

  8. Finding new comments on the blog is pretty amazing. It makes you feel like you wrote something someone read and liked!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. Many bloggers rave about Google Calendars. I should really start using GC to organize my blog-related work.

    Mada Sch @ Confiture de rêves.

  10. I love Whatsapp. Such a handy platform :D I use Bloglovin' instead of Feedly, but they make commenting so much easier. Twitter is starting to get fun, I love Goodreads (spend way too much time on there) and Bookish friends + readers are great.



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