14 January 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday

Book Blogger Hop
This week's question: 

"Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?"

Although I read a lot of different genres, I primarily read and review YA. I honestly have no single idea as to why I love YA so much, so I don't think I can answer that part of the question!

However, within the YA genre, I absolutely love the dystopian genre. Does this make me a depressing person? Perhaps. I think that one of the reasons why I love dystopian novels so much is that I love reading about futuristic worlds that could easily become our reality. I love reading about the struggles that the characters have to go through to try to either live in these worlds, or the rebellions that take place to try to make these worlds better places. 

Another subgenre to YA that I really enjoy is the paranormal/supernatural genres. I like to read about all the different creatures - however unrealistic! I love learning about each of their characteristics, because no creature is the same in any book! They great for the imagination, and I love escaping into their worlds.

This week's question:
What makes up your non-human family??

Ah, good question! I have two border collie dogs. One is male and named Trevor. He's a black and white border collie. The second is female and she's named Jensen (after Jensen Ackles who stars in Supernatural!). She's only 8 months old, so she's still a puppy, and she's red and white. Everyone always mistakes her for male, because of her name. But I promise you, Jensen is definitely a she!

I know you're all dying to see a picture of her, so here she is:
I also have four cats, who are all siblings. Their names are Lizzy, Lily, Rosie and Berty. They were born in my great-grandmother's bed - rather unexpectedly, I can assure you! - six years ago. They all have different coloured coats, which is nice as well!


  1. Thank you! :) She does have her crazy moments, but that makes her even more amazing XD

  2. Omg! So so cute, l am such a dog lover. She's beautiful.

  3. So cute! Collies are always so beautiful.

    I've been loving dystopian lately too. It's so interesting and kind of scary to think a lot of it could actually happen.

    Happy Hop Day!
    Megan @ http://readitseeitblogit.blogspot.com/2011/01/book-blogger-hop-january-14.html

  4. Hi! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower. Jenson is adorable! I have 3 dogs myself. Feel free to come and visit me at my blog. My Hop

  5. Cute! I have two kitties, Stella and Jasper, and a Chow puppy named Cinna :)

    Happy Friday, Amber!

  6. Reading dystopian doesn't make you depressing. It's just a shiny new world to explore.

    Coming in from the Hop.


  7. I am hopping by from Follow Friday. Cute puppy! I only have a fish right now. I’m following you and would love it if you follow me back! Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  8. I really love Dystopia too and definitely don't think it makes you depressing at all! Found you through the blog hop :)

  9. I loved that you named your dog Jensen! (I also LOVE Supernatural!) Just watched your book haul on youtube, you've gotten some great books recently! I look forward to your review of Entangled since I can't find it anywhere in the US right now. Glad you fell better too!

  10. Here I am hopping on by...

    I went all over the map with this question on my blog. I read and enjoy almost every genre of fiction out there. There’s no way I could just pick one.

    So I talked about all of them. Even romance fiction (sort of)! I invite you to hop over to my blog at http://www.howardsherman.net and see for yourself.

    Howard A. Sherman

  11. Hi, just hopping on by! I like your answer - very thoughtful and well-written. Like you, I enjoy YA a lot, and within YA, I read many different genres. And dystopians all the way! :D They don't make anyone depressing at all!

    Izzy @ My Words Ate Me

  12. Cute kitty story and your dog is beautiful!

    I too love YA. And dystopian is one of my favorite genres in YA.

    New follower from FF!


  13. I like dystopians, too, and I'm really sensitive to "depressing" books. I think it depends on the book. Like, Susan Beth Pfeffer's Last Survivors books (the dead and the gone) were really, really depressing. But I didn't find Matched depressing at all.
    Btw, I'm a new follower so, Hello!

  14. Hehe Jensen <33 Always glad to find another Supernatural fan! And both Jensen's are certainly good looking ;)

  15. Stopping by from the blog hop...my answer is on my blog page.

    Happy Saturday!!



  16. Hey just hopped over and I'm a new follower! I always love coming across fellow Brit bloggers since there just isn't enough of us :)
    I love dystopia fiction as well although it does make you wonder what will happen in the near or distant future...
    Have a great weekend!

  17. I love love love your puppy! She is soo adorable! And I love her name too. Very cool.

  18. Oh your dog is too cute for words! Just hopping through and I'm an old follower.

    You can find my HOP answer and FEVERfest recap at The Bookish Snob

  19. Aww, Jensen is such a cute dog! Love her colours :) Have a nice weekend!

  20. I'm with you on dystopian and supernatural YA. So addicting!

    And your dog- SO CUTE!

  21. Very, very darling dog. Is she very obedient? I've heard that Border Collies are so smart. My dog is a clown and very stubborn.

  22. YAY for Ambers!

    I read mainly YA and Historical fiction. I do navigate outside of those genres whenever something catches my eye.

    This is my first Hop!

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  23. Old follower, wanted to say hi! I've got a dog, 4 cats, and 4 ferrets. Add 3 kids and you have a zoo! Drop by if you get a chance!
    Giving away Rot & Ruin and Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry!


  24. I'm just "hopping" by. Within the YA genre (my favorite, as well), I prefer fantasy/sci-fi, which makes sense, as I'm a notorious daydreamer.
    I love your blog, and will be back soon!


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