22 October 2012

New Releases: October 23 - 29, 2012

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This is the third book in the Legacy series, which I haven't read so I can't summarise it!

I'm sure you all know about this one. It's the fourth book in the Caster Chronicles. I haven't started this series yet but I MUST before the the movie comes out!

I really don't like this series... but this is book number twelve or something.

This is a murder mystery told from the perspective of a legally blind teenager. It sounds really interesting!

This is about a girl whose mother is a superhero who fights evil beings. IT SOUNDS AMAZING SOMEONE GET ME THIS BOOK.

I haven't started the Seven Realms series yet, but I plan on doing so at least by the end of the year.

This is a series that I love! Yes, the love interest was an abusive dick in the beginning, and it's not the most well written novel but a) it's fiction and I'm not impressionable and b) it's interesting. And this blog is about me and my books, so EEP. I can't wait for this.

YOU GUYS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I NEED THIS BOOK!!!!!11!!!1 I read the first book back in February/March, and adored it and OH MY GOSH this is coming out tomorrow and I'm so excited I cannot contain myself. WHO ELSE IS BUYING IT?!

What books are you planning on reading? MARA DYER, Y/Y??


  1. I still have to read the first Mara Dyer book! I can't believe I haven't yet, I have wanted to read it since I heard about it before it came out, and now here the sequel is, and I still haven't! Terrible!

  2. I can't wait to read Finale, I love Patch <3 !!!

    And I'm DYING for Mara Dyer. DYING.

    AND OH LOOK. FINALE *strokes* it arrived in my mailbox this morning ;D

  4. AMBER! I am about to start EVOLUTION! Please tell me you are too so we can discuss it !!!


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