07 October 2010

Fifty Five Questions: #1

I was just wandering through various blogs, and found this post on Booking Through Thursday.. and I thought I'd join in! However, instead of completing all of the questions in one long post, I've decided to do one every few days so that the posts are smaller, and it will keep going for longer :) (I hope that makes sense, I'm not the best at describing what I'm talking about). 

Question One: What is your favourite childhood book?
I have so many I can't only mention one, so here's my list!

- The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling
   I was fortunate enough to discover this series almost as soon as the first book was published, so I've been reading them throughout my childhood and teenage years. I literally grew up with Harry and his friends, and I think that these are the books that mainly got me into reading. My favourite book in the series is HP4 - HP and the Goblet of Fire. My least favourite.. I can honestly say I don't have a least favourite! 

- The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan
   These books sparked my love of vampire fiction. I don't have much to say about these books because they are just simply AWESOME and probably my all time favourite series. Each of the twelve books hold a special place in my heart, and I was actually heartbroken when the series ended. But thank goodness Darren Shan is writing a series of prequels featuring Larten Crepsley! YESSSS! *happy dance*

- The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
   I think everyone in my old school read these books. I thought they were wonderful at the time, and got so excited when the next book in the series was released. The upsetting thing is, I don't think I ever got to finish these books. I believe I stopped reading before book six (?) was released. 

- The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo
   An all time favourite of mine is The Butterfly Lion. I loved all of Morpurgo's books, but this one has stuck with me since.. 2001, I believe. This book is about a boy who escapes from his boarding school and whilst wandering the streets, he meets an elderly lady who tells him the story of Bertie and his butterfly lion who grew up in South Africa before they were separated. It really is a wonderful book, and a very heartwarming story. I'll probably do a review on it at some point.

So there you go - my favourite childhood books. The length of this post shows why I'm choosing to separate the questions!

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