08 October 2010

What Made Your Day Today? #7 and 8

The Vampire Diaries, of course! It was a brilliant episode, and I'm just so happy that Damon and Elena's relationship is on the mend. I predicted a couple of things - like the Kat/Mason team up - that turned out to be correct, and I am SO proud of myself. I never guess anything correctly when it comes to TVD but guess what! I did! YES!

Supernatural is on tonight, and CAS IS BACK!!! OMFG *happy dance*.

More books have arrived, so I'm hopefully going to have an extremely packed In My Mail Box tomorrow afternoon. I think I may do a vlog? I don't know.

I've finally started reading 'Hush, Hush' by Becca Fitzpatrick and it is AWESOME. I don't know why I took so long to buy it. What's wrong with me?

So yeah, there's my catch up on WMYDT? I was kind of late for yesterday's, because I was far too excited for TVD to worry about my blog. I'm sorry :( Haha.

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