21 December 2010


So today I finally reached 100 followers on my blog! Well, I actually exceeded 100, because I now have 101! This is AMAZING! And it means we're halfway toward my 100 follower giveaway.

Does that last bit sound confusing? I bet it does, as it looks like I'm contradicting myself. However, I'm not - I promise! The reason this is only halfway toward my 100 follower giveaway, is because the other half of the conditions are for me to reach 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel. 

At the moment, I have 69 (giggle), so we're almost there - but not quite! So stay tuned, and I shall hopefully be announcing the giveaway early in the new year. 

I'm really excited about it!

Thank you all so much! I love that you all read and comment. Even if I don't always reply to you as fast as I probably should, I do read each and every comment and sit there with a massive grin on my face. I'm grinning now! 

I think everyone should join in with my happy dance :D


  1. Yay! Congrats :) I'm already a follower but I just subscribed to your YouTube channel.

    Kristy @ Dreaming By Day

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Oh and LOVE the new layout!

  3. Thanks Kristy! I was ecstatic about reaching 50 followers, this is so much better :D Haha.

  4. Thank you Shannon :D I'm not sure about the layout.. I kind of dislike the banner. But I'm horrific at using photoshop, so I'll have to leave it for the time being, haha.

  5. Follower 98 here! Congrats! I got super excited when I exceeded 100 just last week! :>

    I love your blog btw

  6. Thank you so much! It is exciting, isn't it? :D congrats to you too! I see that you now have 129, you're almost at 150 xD

  7. Congrats! I'm excited for you :D

  8. That's so awesome! Congrats girl! I'll be sure to follow you on YT as well to help out :)

  9. Congrats! I share your excitement with getting followers. It's nice to know people sit and read the stuff you write when you put in a big effort.!

  10. Thank you Small Review, Steph and Jodie :D :D

    It's feels really good to know you all like my reviews and insane thoughts :D


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