21 December 2011

Question and Answer Post

Hey all! I'm planning on doing a Q&A post at some point in the next few weeks. If any of you have any questions for me, book related or not, then you can ask me questions in the comments. I'm also including a form that you can use if you would like to remain anonymous, or if you can't be bothered to log in to Google. And I just like making forms.

You can ask me questions on anything, like I said. If there is anything you wish to know about blogging or vlogging or reviewing books, then I would be more than happy to answer your questions! I get a lot of questions about ARCs and review copies, so I might have to split the post into sections.

I look forward to hearing all your questions!

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  1. Okay, here goes: What is the longest book you have ever read? Who is your most favourite heroine of all time? Most favourite hero?


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