08 January 2012

Cover: Frostbite Graphic Novel

While I wait for my IMM video to process - and believe me, I've been waiting a LONG time - I was casually looking through some Facebook pages, forums and the like. I was directed to Emma Vicieli's DeviantArt page and I found THIS, along with other previews from the book.

Have you all seen this before, and I'm really late in finding it? I cannot express how much I LOVE this cover! It says (quite clearly) that the cover is not final, but this is FANTASTIC and I love it. Mainly because Christian is on the front. And the Strigoi look like ninjas.

What do you all think of it? Have you guys read the Vampire Academy graphic novel yet? I believe that the Frostbite graphic novel is coming out in May of this year. I CAN'T WAIT!


    OH MY GOODNESS! It's amazing! I LOVE Christian! But I think he looks way hotter here than Dimka did on the first cover ;)

  2. @Sarah (saz101)

    I agree with EVERYTHING you just said! Dimitri looks really strange on the cover of VA, but I LURVE this. Christian is just... *inlove* I'm getting all fangirly, do excuse me :P


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