03 January 2012

Cover Reveal: Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Divergent #2)

This is the UK cover for Insurgent! What do you guys think? Personally, I love the US cover, but this one is also really pretty. I love the purples, and the burning leaves! I also love that the girl - who I'm assuming is meant to be Tris - is standing over a seemingly barren wasteland with just a long road ahead of her. 

There is also going to be a new cover for the first book in the trilogy, Divergent, so that the covers match nicely. I also like this one, although Tris' face looks slightly demonic. Or is that just me? 

You can find both books here: 


  1. I'm not a fan of the UK covers to be honest, I much prefer the US ones! So I'll probably end up ordering Insurgent from the US. xD

  2. @Renu

    Haha, I might end up doing the same. But then I'd also need to buy a Divergent hardback, because, you know, everything must match! :D

  3. Seeing them covers now, I'm glad I bought the hardcover of Divergent instead of the paperback. I don't not like them but I kind of feel that the new covers look really childish compared to the older ones.

  4. I'm not a real fan of these covers, though I can't wait to read Insurgent.


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