24 October 2012

Outpost by Ann Aguirre

Outpost by Ann Aguirre
Razorlands #2
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source: Borrowed
Rating: Bland

Deuce’s whole world has changed. Down below, she was considered an adult. Now, topside in a town called Salvation, she’s a brat in need of training in the eyes of the townsfolk. She doesn’t fit in with the other girls: Deuce only knows how to fight.

To make matters worse, her Hunter partner, Fade, keeps Deuce at a distance. Her feelings for Fade haven’t changed, but he seems not to want her around anymore. Confused and lonely, she starts looking for a way out.

Deuce signs up to serve in the summer patrols—those who make sure the planters can work the fields without danger. It should be routine, but things have been changing on the surface, just as they did below ground. The Freaks have grown smarter. They’re watching. Waiting. Planning. The monsters don’t intend to let Salvation survive, and it may take a girl like Deuce to turn back the tide. - Goodreads

I read Enclave last year and really, really enjoyed it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this sequel, because I was looking forward to more mutants, more fight scenes and more badassery from Deuce, the main protagonist.

Hmph, was I disappointed!

Warning: I rant a bit. I tried to tone it down, but I didn't do a very good job of it.

The pace was slow (read: BORING) and the plot was almost non-existent. The first half of the book is spent talking about the town, Salvation, and the people in it. I don't care about Deuce's schooling, I want more fighting! The second half wasn't much fun either, because not much happened! *grumbles something about second book syndrome*

We got a little background and some theories on the disaster that led to the mutants being created/turned. But not as much as I would have liked.

Deuce has turned into a whiner. She complains about everything and everyone. I love that she still wanted to be a Huntress, but for God's sake, stop whining and DO SOMETHING. I don't think I would have had much of a problem with this if the pacing had been better, because then she would have gotten shit done faster. In addition to being a whiner, she's also an idiot. WHY ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO STALKER AND WHY ARE YOU STICKING UP FOR HIM?!

Fade was also bloody boring. He did next to nothing in this book, and towards the end he turned into a broody, suffering, self-loathing mess. He goes from ignoring Deuce to being in a relationship with her and then back to ignoring her again because of the whole "I'm not good enough for you" thing. Go away, Stefan Salvatore, no one likes you!

I bloody hate this love triangle. It's as bad as the one in Twilight, if not worse, because one third of it is an 'ex-rapist'. I knew it was coming, and I still wasn't prepared for the fuckery that went on in this book. No. Just NO. Stalker is NOT someone I want to read about, nor do I want the other characters understanding him or his actions. For God's sake, this guy is a violent rapist! WHY ARE YOU LUSTING OVER HIM?! I don't care if he's all about protecting Deuce, HE RAPED AND HIT GIRLS. *FUMING*


I was initially in two minds about reading the next book because I did want to know more about the mutants and the history there. If it had just been the pacing I had an issue with then I could have chalked it up to second book sydrome. But you know what? I'm not going to read the third book. THANK YOU, for ruining my reading experience with a DISGUSTING love interest that should be maimed and killed.

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  1. The love triangle in the first book sort of came out of nowhere and didn't fit the feel of the book, I felt. That really sucks that the second book has such a strong focus on it. :( I wanted to learn more about the zombies and such, but I'm not going to sit through a stupid love triangle and get hardly any results!


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