11 February 2013

New Releases: February 12 - 18, 2013

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I have yet to start this series.
EEP! A 2013 debut. I read this one last month and ADORED it!
This is another debut about dancing! Lots of dancing books coming out lately.
The Goodreads description for this is strangely blank, but... I like the cover?
I LOVE HER WRITING. This is set in the 50's in New Orleans!
This is set on an island and there are monsters. I think it sounds intriguing!
I need to hurry up and read this series as well. 
This is about a girl who has visions, and there's a dangerous guy involved. Mysterious! 
There are ghosts, the main character goes colour blind, and it's from the author of The Butterly Clues. Big YES to this one!
The third book in the Chemical Garden trilogy. I still haven't read the second because I wasn't that impressed by Wither.
This is another sequel to a book that I haven't read yet. 
Aaaaaand another sequel. I love these covers!


  1. Ahh The Mirrored Shard! Had preordered that like two weeks ago... even though I should've last year haha. I quite love those books and Aoife. You should really give them a try.

    Haven't heard of Revel but what you wrote makes it pretty intriguing! I still need to read Fever to get onto Sever.

  2. Very excited for Pivot Point! I read Dance of Shadows and I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it! I'm reading Sever at the moment & wow, just wow!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to read Pivot Point! :D I also can't wait to see the reviews from Notes from ghost town.

  4. I am dying to read Pivot Point and I need to get caught up on the Bloodlines series. I recently read Out of the Easy and it was awesome!


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