14 June 2013

#WWReadathon: Wrap Up

I reached my goal! I was so surprised because I was in a major reading slump this week, and I tried to get into several books. I blame Gameboard of the Gods, because that book bored me to tears and every time I tried to read something after that, I just couldn't do it. But thanks to Judith, my reading is hopefully now back on track.

Books Read (3/3):
- Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer
- Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer
- Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (which I actually finished today, but since work has been cutting into my reading time I am including it.)

Books DNFed (1/1):
- Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead *shakes fist*

As you can see, I read a full book, a novella, a book that I was in the middle of, and almost 20% of another book. I'm pleased with myself, considering I spent most of the read-a-thon in a terrible reading mood. I'm hoping this doesn't happen during the next read-a-thon I'm taking part in, especially since I am also hosting it!

How did you do? Did you reach your goals? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!


  1. great job on your reading goals. I will be posting my wrap up soon.

  2. Hi Amber! This was such an amazing read-a-thon for me as I finished ALL my goals, I think it's my most successful read-a-thon to date :D Here's my #WWReadathon wrap-up post.

    Anyway, I'm so disappointed that I've been hearing alot of DNF with Gameboard of the Gods which is disappointing as I kinda like most of Richelle Mead's previous books. You did have some amazing books in your "read" list eg. Shadow & Bone which I hope more than made up for that :D

  3. Great job :) it feels great to meet your goals :)

  4. Well Done! Now you have to do just as well for YOUR read-a-thon!!

  5. I am getting really nervous about Gameboard. I see a lot of people DNF that one! And it is on my list, so now I am almost afraid to start it!

  6. I am a horrible participate in read-a-thons! I've tried and they just do not work for me. I'm surprised that you accomplished so much being in a horrible reading mood! Great job. :)

  7. You did so good with those books. A novella is always great when we're short on time.

  8. Great job! I'm sorry to hear Gameboard of the Gods is boring... I have an e-ARC for it.

  9. Argh I hate having terrible reading moods, you did well with this read-a-thon considering this =). Hope you enjoyed all your books!

  10. You did better than me since I FORGOT lmao. BUT I am so so happy that you liked S&B *cries*


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