27 June 2013

Debut-a-Thon Day 1 + Challenge #1

After two months of planning and running around like crazy, the debut-a-thon has officially begun! The Kiwis and Aussies have almost finished their first day, whereas the rest of us are just beginning. If you're chatting on Twitter with us, don't forget to use the #debutathon hashtag!

If you're not yet a part of the debut-a-thon, and are really jealous of those of us who are, you can sign up here! You have to be a participant to take part in the challenges and be able to win prizes!

Challenge #1
To enter yourself today's giveaway, all you have to do is complete the challenge on your blog/Twitter/Goodreads/Facebook etc., and post a link in the comments below. You have 24 hours to complete this task. Simple, right? I hope so.

So, your first mission as debutathoners is:
Unscramble these titles, and win £10 to spend on Book Depository! Easy! Even if I did delete all the spaces *whistles* Please don't cheat, or read anyone else's answers before doing it for yourself. Where's the fun in that?

1. IIDFEOFYUNM (4 words)
2. TAREDEL (1 word)
3. TPNPOOITIV (2 words)
4. HCITAGRL (1 word)
5. NPOSIO (1 word)
6. TSIPDENLER (1 word)
7. ITSEHTELE (2 words)

Fill in the form to share your goals and updates for Day 1!
Whether you're doing daily update posts, or you're just putting all your updates in one post (like I am), you can link your Day 1 post in this form. If you're updating via Twitter or Facebook, please only link to one tweet/post per day (a summary tweet, for example), otherwise things will get crazy. Don't link your challenge posts (if they're separate) because SPOILERS.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh, FIRST!

    My answers

  2. Hey. Here is the link to my blog where I've unscrambled the titles

  3. HOLY SHIT AMBER. The last one was insanity. I'm still pretty freaking proud of myself for getting it though :D Anyway, I loooove the mini challenge graphic! It looks awesome!!

    1. I agree. I still haven't unscrambled it. *frustrated :p*

  4. I LOVED THIS CHALLENGE! I posted it along with my day 1 updates but you have to highlight the answers to see them to avoid spoiling people! Here they are http://jessheartsbooks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/debutathon-goals-tbr-and-day-1-update.html

  5. I agree with Judith, about the last one! :D

    My Answers

  6. Woah that challenge was so much fun, but so hard at the same time! I haven't got a page up yet with my updates, so have created a button thing, with my challenge answers in my side bar! Now I'm off to start my first book!

  7. Here's my post for the challenge! :) https://twitter.com/plueschbooks/status/350290549728747520

  8. I've been looking forward to this readathon for ages and it's sod's law that the first day it starts I'm in a massive reading slump and have barely been able to read anything today. Hopefully tomorrow will pick up. Here's my entry to the challenge https://twitter.com/WhereIsWallis/status/350307469890822144

  9. Here are my answers: http://my-book-obsession.blogspot.com/2013/06/debut-thon-mini-challenge-1-unscramble.html

    It was fun, thanks for hosting :D

  10. thanks for this amber, this is so fun. (:

    here is my answers

  11. I'm so excited for this challenge! I totally failed at this challenge though.


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