04 March 2014

Book Haul: March 2014

I broke my ban again. I showed some self restraint, but I lost control when I felt some invisible force pulling me into my local charity shops. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't help myself. I'm back on my ban now though, and I'm not planning on buying anything - wait, that's a lie. Judith and I are talking about binge-reading the Seven Realms series. Oh dear. On the plus side, I'm making a small dent on my TBR shelf which means I'm slowly freeing up space for more books. Go me!
Where the Rock Splits the Sky, by Philip Webb
Fire & Flood, by Victoria Scott
I received both of these for review. I didn't request them, because I really don't need any more review copies, but I'll be trying to fit them into my reading schedule some time soon. I'm intrigued by both of them, even if I wasn't a fan of Scott's debut.

The Finisher, by David Baldacci
Unremembered, by Jessica Brody
Unforgotten, by Jessica Brody
These are review copies that I did request back in December. I have already read Unremembered, and I thought it was pretty good. I love books about memory loss! I'm excited to get to Unforgotten to see what happens with those characters. And The Finisher sounds really good, and it came with a map!
Timestorm, by Julie Cross
Again, I requested this one back in December. I'm really excited for it, as I've enjoyed the previous two books in the Tempest trilogy, but I'm waiting until I've recapped the other two before I pick this one up. That time travel stuff is crazy complicated, and I want it to be fresh in my mind when I read this!
Fire With Fire, by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
The Death Instinct, by Jed Rubenfeld
I finally bought Fire With Fire! I read it back in July or August, before it was released in the US, and I can't believe I didn't get around to buying it before now. I love this book! And I bought The Death Instinct because it was £1 in the charity shop.
The Last Templar, by Raymond Khoury
Lies, by Michael Grant
I mentioned in a previous haul about nine months ago that I'm collecting all of the Gone series in hardback, because they have coloured pages. I know, I know, I do weird things. I bought Gone in hardback ages ago, and then I forgot about my plan. Then I found Lies in the charity shop for £1, in brand new condition, and I couldn't pass it up! It has such pretty blue pages, I can't handle it. I bought The Last Templar because it was there, and I like Assassin's Creed. Yeah.
Spider's Bite, by Jennifer Estep
Vicious, by V. E. Schwab
These are our book club picks for March and April. I chose Vicious, so I really hope the others like it. You may be wondering why I have two copies? It's because I bought a copy for Dee that I'm going to take when I go to see her next week. NEXT WEEK. Spider's Bite is Dee's pick for April, and I'm super excited to read it because it's been on my wishlist for the longest time!
The Absolutist, by John Boyne
Tatum read this last week and decided it would be a good idea to inflict pain upon me and buy me a copy. I don't know what I ever did to her to deserve this. 
That's it! I'm quite enjoying sharing these monthly book hauls with you all. If you have posted a book haul in the past week or so, feel free to link up in the comments so I can see what you got! Have you read any of these books? You should definitely read Fire With Fire, because it's absolutely fantastic. Just a tip.


  1. Raymond Khoury is a really good writer imo, I loved The Last Templar. Also The Death Instinct is very good; I also recommend Rubenfeld's first book, The Interpretation of Murder, mainly because psychology endlessly fascinates me.


    Tatum just hates us and wants us to suffer for some reason because she is a terrible person lbr


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