02 March 2014

Epic Recs: March 2014

A few months ago, Judith and I started up an impromptu book club called Epic Recs. The aim of this was to force each other to read books that we have previously loved. You know, because Judith is a self proclaimed book pusher, and I just like forcing people to do things.

A couple of months ago, we opened Epic Recs up to the public, and in December a hell of a lot of people signed up, either to be paired by us or after pairing themselves. Judith and I are so pleased at Epic Recs's success. We truly hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do!

This month we're doing the same thing, there's a form you can fill in if you want to be paired with another person, or you can sign up right away with someone of your choosing using the Linky.

Want a random partner?

All you have to do is fill in the form below, and Judith and I will match you up with another participant. We'll take your bookish tastes into account when finding the right partner for you, although Epic Recs is about expanding your horizons as much as the feeling of glee when someone loves your favourite book. Fill in the form if you're interested, and we'll pair you up as soon as possible!

Already have a partner?

Then create your sign up post/tweet/video for the month, and link it up so we can check it out! We'd love to know what you're reading.

What if I participated last month but am looking for a new partner?

You may, of course, sign up for a new partner using the form. However, you MUST let your previous partner know that you're planning to do it before you do it. We're not doing letting them know for you.

If I sign up for a partner, which month do we start recommending Epic Recs to each other?

This is something you can discuss with your partner. You can either start right away, as soon as you get the email, or you can wait until next month if you are busy. It's up to you!

If I sign up for a partner, how soon will I hear back from you?

We try to pair people up as soon as possible, but it does take some time. Sometimes people are kept on the waiting list because we want to pair people up with someone who they share something in common with, and there might not be anyone available right away. So please be patient, we work as fast as we can! We want the Epic Recs experience to be amazing for everyone involved, so a lot of thought goes into the pairing system.
As for the actual recs, last month I read THE BOOK THIEF by Marcus Zusack, because Judith is out to ruin my life. It was an amazing book, and was my first five star read of the year! In turn, I recommended THE SONG OF ACHILLES by Madeline Miller to Judith, because she deserved it. She hasn't read it yet though, because she's a wimp and is obviously scared of being broken.

In March, I'll be reading THE LUXE by Anna Godberson. Judith says I will like it because it's basically an historical Gossip Girl. Judith will be reading BETWEEN THE LINES by Tammara Webber, because she likes contemporary novels, and also Rich People Drama. It's a trend with us.
Have you read either of these? What did you think? I hope they're epic for both of us! Let me know in the comments.

Sign up for an Epic Recs partner here!


  1. First five star read of the year goodbye ;_____;

    Ruining your life is my most rewarding hobby


  2. I've read Between the Lives and yeah rich people drama about sums it up haha. I haven't really continued on with the series though...not sure why because I actually did enjoy the first book! (I feel like I might have read the second book, but I can't remember lol)


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