30 November 2010

Forget Me Not (1)

Forget Me Not is a new meme hosted by Steph at The Thoughts of a Book Junky. The idea is to show off a book that is fairly old, but one that you still love and enjoy. 

The book that I am going to share with you all this week is the first book in The Saga of Darren Shan - Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan.

Darren Shan seems like your average boy--he likes playing football with his mates, passing notes in class and loves spiders. Then, one day, his best mate Steve gets tickets for a banned freak show and Darren starts experiencing things that no average boy would dream of. At the Freak show he sees a limb-chewing wolf man, a woman who can grow a beard in front of your very eyes, a snake boy and a goat-eating tarantula called Madame Octa. But what about the mysterious people in blue-hooded robes whose faces you never see? And is Mr Crepsley really a vampire?
Don't be deceived by the facetious tone of the narrator, this book will have you screaming out in revulsion and horror. Wrap yourself up in your duvets and get prepared to be scared. This is outrageously gruesome:
Anyway, that's enough of an introduction. If you're ready, let's begin. If this was a made-up story, it would begin at night, with a storm blowing and owls hooting and rattling noises under the bed. But this is a real story, so I have to begin where it really started ... It started in the toilet.
Cirque du Freak is Darren Shan's first novel and the first in a series highlighting Darren's adventures and misadventures. You'll be baying for blood if you miss out.And, remember, it's all true. (Age 10 and over) - Amazon UK

I first read this book when I was around nine years old, and completely fell in love. The Saga is a set of twelve books which follow the adventures of a newly turned vampire - Darren Shan. The whole world that the author has created was amazing, and the way of life for vampires was very interesting. It shed a whole new light on the vampires. And yes, before you ask, Shan's vampires drink blood!

I totally recommend these books - not just the first one. I love them so much and they are by far my favourite series of all time. 

A movie was recently made covering the first three books in the series, and if you have seen that, then you'll know basically what these books are about. However, as is almost always the case, the books are so much better! 


  1. Hi Amber - thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment on my NaNo Fail post cheered me right up. :)

  2. I've seen these books around but never saw much about them. It was nice getting your positive take on them.

    Would you say they're more middle grade or YA?

    (oh, and a love of spiders? Eeeach, even the cover of the book creeped me out!)

  3. Chrystal - you're welcome! I'm happy that I cheered you up :D

    Small Review - It's hard to say really, because you don't find out Darren Shan's (the character) age. Personally, the horror aspect of them makes me lean more toward YA than middle grade :)

  4. I have read the whole series and I must say It is really good!!

  5. I'm glad you like them too Steph! Have you read Darren Shan's newest book "Birth of a Killer"? It's the first book in The Saga of Larten Crepsley :D


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