27 November 2010

New Followers, Giveaways and Pickles

I just wanted to say a a huge welcome to all of my new followers! It means the world to me that I now have over 50 of you following my blog. Thank you, all of you!

Because of how amazing you all are, I've decided that I'm going to do a giveaway! But wait before you get excited and start happy dancing. I'm not doing a giveaway until I reach 100 followers here on my blog, and 100 subscribers on my YT channel. This isn't because I want more followers (which, you know, I wouldn't mind ;)) it's just because I have no money right now, and it's so close to Christmas I doubt I'll be able to borrow any. So, I'm waiting until I reach those two goals. Okay? :) 

And onto my third point of the day - pickles. Actually, there is no point. I was watching Spongebob and they were talking about pickles. 

Thanks again, and I hope you all have a brilliant weekend!


  1. Congrats on 50 followers! I'm now your 55th, if that favour helps towards your contest. ;)
    Your blog bg is adorable, by the way!

    Happy reading,
    Tina @ Book Couture

  2. Hi Amber,

    I host the Off The Shelf and Dystopia challenges. I was stopping by to say hi and welcome you to them both like I do with everyone, but I can't find your sign up posts. Am I looking in the wrong place or are they just not there yet?

    And congratulations on all your followers! That's awesome!


  3. Thanks Tina! The bg is just a simple template though, purely because I lack the technical/creative skills to make one for myself.

    Dutchie - Thanks! And no, I haven't made sign up posts yet. I was actually planning to make them tomorrow, with it being one month before the start date and all that yadda yadda yadda.. I'm slightly OCD like that. I'll let you know when I have them up on the blog!


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