11 November 2010

Hey Hey; Update :)

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update for you all. I wanted to apologise for not blogging so much over the past week or so - but I do have a good reason excuse! It's my birthday on Sunday and I've been hassling over sorting everything out for my meal, etc. As well as sorting out cars/taxis/guests/restaurants/times, I've been trying to juggle my A-Level coursework which, as it turns out, is a lot easier than sorting out the meal.

What I'm trying to say (but apparently failing) is that this week is pretty hectic, so I won't be able to post that much. However, I will be back next week with a couple of reviews amongst other things.

I hope you're all doing okay! 

Amber :)

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  1. You're having a busy time! Birthdays are great fun, and A-levels have to come first. Take care!


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