23 January 2014

DNF: Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum

Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum
Revolution 19 #2
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: Publisher (Edelweiss)
Star Rating: DNF
Rating: DNF

A war between humans and robots is on the horizon, and only one side will survive.

Siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass are struggling to survive in a world where deadly, sophisticated robots have turned on their creators and enslaved mankind. Fugitives from one of the bot-controlled Cities, the siblings venture into the woods, but when they are attacked by bot foot soldiers, the siblings are separated...and for the first time, they are on their own.

Despite the fact that I thought Revolution 19 was a fairly average read, I was still excited to check out the sequel. The ending of Revolution 19 opened up a lot of possibilities for the sequel, and I wanted to see where the characters could go next.  But Fugitive X was a book that I just couldn't get into, no matter how hard I tried.

My main issue, I think, was the multiple points of view. This worked well in the first book, and I really enjoyed that, but in Fugitive X it was all very jumpy, and I had trouble following the story. There was a handful of pages in one character's point of view, and then it suddenly switched to the next. There was no flow at all, and it was very jarring.

I'm disappointed, because I was looking forward to a light, robot-filled read to pass the time in between other books. Unfortunately I couldn't continue reading because I had no idea what was going on or whose head I was in at the time.


  1. I've read Revolution 19 and didn't really like it, but I did like that it was written from multiple points of view. It sucks that the multiple points of views in Fugitive X got so bad that you can't keep track of who is who and who is saying what. ):
    I will definitely be avoiding this one. Thanks for the heads up Amber!

    1. No problem! I'm so disappointed, I was ready for more robot craziness.


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