10 January 2014

Map of Bones by James Rollins

Map of Bones by James Rollins
Sigma Force #2
Release Date: 1st April, 2005
Publisher: Orion Fiction
Source: Bought
Rating: ★★

"During a crowded service at a cathedral in Germany, armed intruders in monks' robes unleash a nightmare of blood and destruction. But the killers have not come for gold; they seek a more valuable prize: the bones of the Magi who once paid homage to a newborn savior . . . a treasure that could reshape the world."

With the Vatican in turmoil, SIGMA Force leaps into action. An elite team of scientific and Special Forces operatives under the command of Grayson Pierce and accompanied by Lieutenant Rachel Verona of Rome's "carabinieri," they are pursuing a deadly mystery that weaves through sites of the Seven Wonders of the World and ends at the doorstep of an ancient, mystical, and terrifying secret order. For there are those with dark plans for the stolen sacred remains that will alter the future of humankind . . . when science and religion unite to unleash a horror not seen since the beginning of time.

Lauren recc'd this book to me for Epic Recs.

Okay so, this novel is in the vein of Dan Brown - tonnes of fast paced action, super intelligent people, ~conspiracies~ and of course, the love story involving the tough yet sensitive main male character and a strong yet vulnerable female character, who may be recurring, main or if you're reading Dan Brown, completely token and will never be heard of again after the novel ends. I actually really enjoy Dan Brown's novels (NOT Inferno, fuck that book forever) but Lauren and I will both tell anyone interested in reading pulp fiction for the first time that it has flaws.

So this book starts off with a massacre in a church, which is always fun, and something is stolen?? I dunno, but the special forces are called in because it is super serious business, okay. Sigma Force, who are like really, really smart people that have unique talents and come from varied professional backgrounds, are recruited to solve the mystery of the church massacre. Once on task, they quickly realise that conspiracies are afoot and we end up in the Vatican, home of all Conspiracies and Cover-Ups. Something about Magi?? I dunno, but then SCIENCE and LIQUID BODY ARMOUR (what the actual fuck) and ROMANCE, except that bit's really boring just ignore it you'll be better off trust me, VILLAINS and EXOTIC PLACES. Then secrets are revealed and everyone goes home happy.

The plot is extremely fast paced, with twists in like every chapter and the characters are fun if a bit undeveloped - it's a good novel for a rainy day or for people who enjoy Dan Brown but prefer the sciences to art history, for example. This is the second book in what, I think, is a pretty long series so maybe the more irritating parts of the story smooth themselves out, I don't know. It was fun although quite confusing, and it made a nice change from the sort of stuff I usually read.


  1. I read this and loved it. Don't know why I never read any others in the series. The comparison to Dan Brown is a good one. Now you've made me want to go grab the next book! Thanks!

  2. I've read all of Rollins' books, because I love pulp fiction and I don't even care. I mean come on, scientists with guns! What's gonna be wrong with that? I love the Sigma series, mainly because they're all self contained books where you meet the same characters over and over again, and when I just want something fun to read that isn't too much about romance or heavy subject matter, these are the books I pick up. I mainly recced this to Tatum for a bit of a laugh, so I'm glad you actually didn't mind it, love! xx

  3. I love Rollins books, all of them, but I actually prefer his earlier self contained novels. If you like him, you also have to try Preston and Childs. They are all good, but again, the earlier ones are better imo.


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