13 April 2011

Book Discussion: Genre Specific Blogs

Hello my wonderful readers. This is the first post in a series of discussions, and this week we'll be focussing on GENRE SPECIFIC BLOGGING. I need to come up with a picture of some kind, but unfortunately my Photoshop skills are lacking, so it may take a while.

I'd like to start the discussion by asking all you book bloggers a question - Is your blog centred around a specific genre?

Books of Amber is a blog that focusses primarily on Young Adult novels. I chose this because this is the genre that I like to read the most, and I honestly find it easier to review YA books than adult novels. That said, I would like to review some of my favourite adult books in the future. 

Other than the fact that the books that I review are YA, they can be of any sub-genre. From dystopia to fantasy, angels to unicorns, I will review it. I have, however, seen plenty of blogs that focus on one specific genre such as paranormal, or urban fantasy. To those who do that, did you know in advance that this is what you wanted for your blog, or did it just come about?

I have also seen a couple of book blogs that review makeup products or household items. I'm unsure what to think about those. I mean, it's your blog to do with what you wish, but it does not make me want to read or follow you when your supposed book blog is full of reviews on lipstick.

I also have a question for readers. Do you follow any genre specific book blogs, or do you prefer good all-rounders. I personally follow a whole range of book blogs, however the majority of these seem to be eclectic. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because there seem to be more of those around .

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please leave comments below! I've also attached a form for you to fill in if you have any suggestions for future discussion posts. I have a good few already lined up, but I'm totally open to new suggestions!


  1. I follow a LOT of different book blogs between twitter and blogger. All kinds, really. Mostly YA.

    Books4Hearts reviews mainly YA books, with exceptions. It's just what Angela, SEP and I read, most of the time. There's some middle grade and classic stuff as well. (Especially the early reviews- mostly mid-grade.) Most of the blogs I follow are the same way, YA with many sub-genres.

    I don't mind reading any book reviews at all, I mean, I read most of them to discover new books, so why set the boundaries for a certain genre/sub-genre.

    I don't really like it when people put a bunch of product reviews along with their book reviews on their supposed 'book blog'. I've seen those as well. The occasional movie/video game review=fine.

  2. My blog is not genre specific. I read what I'm in the mood for and that can be romance, thriller, paranormal, mystery, medical thriller, chick lit, or YA.

    I also follow a variety of blogs. I'm not really into the product reviews, but then again I haven't seen too many to really be able to say.


  3. When I started blogging I never thought of picking the genre I would like to review. I'm an eclectic reader and I read a variety of books.
    Right now I read mostly YA fantasy/paranormal.

    Picking a genre would mean that I would have to stick to it. I could have easily made my blog a YA book blog but I can't be sure that I'll keeping reading YA for the next years. Who knows? Next month I may be into horror.

    I agree with you that book blogs are supposed to have book related things. I wouldn't even consider following a book blog that has reviews on makeup. The movies on a book blog I don't mind because most of the time there are related to a book.

  4. Well I knew when I went into blogging that it would all be YA because that's what I read. I don't do specific genres of YA because I'll read almost anything, so it just really depends what I'm into at that moment! Dystopian, romance and paranormal are givens!

    As for blog follows, I'll follow specific and all-rounders. Just as long as the books reviewed are similar to what I like!

  5. I'm not really keen on the book blogs that review other products either. I've had two stores contact me to do reviews for them, but I said no, I was a book blog not a furniture/signage blog. But since then I've seen other bloggers doing reviews for them. I don't read those reviews and hardly visit the blogs anymore.

    My blog is mainly YA - well I BUY mainly YA but currently review some adult/cross over books too. At the end of the day, I read stuff that interests me and I hope will interest you too, so even if it's adult rather than YA then I'll still put it up on my blog.

    (One blog I used to follow which was a YA book blog suddenly started reviewing sex toys! Like how far off the mark can you get?)


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