11 April 2011

A Quick Apology

Hello my wonderful followers. As you can see by the title, this post consists of me making a quick apology to you guys for being away for much of last week. Some of you may know that it was my last week of school before Easter break, and I had a tough time getting everything ready to bring home to start revising, coursework improvements etc. That's why I hadn't been posting much during the week. I actually ran out of scheduled posts, because I'm stupid like that!

I was also absent this weekend because it's been sunny. *blushes* Wait! Wait. Let me explain. Saturday, I was out in the garden for a bit and fully intended to go inside and get some reviews/posts written, but then my stepbrother needed a lift to Northampton. Which is about two hours away if you include time for the tremendous amount of roadworks. So I went with him to drop him off there. 

Then on Sunday, I again fully meant to stop being lazy and write some posts but then my dad woke me up at 8am and told me that we're going to the seaside. He's spontaneous like that *rolls eyes*. 

I hope you all aren't too ashamed of me - because I'm pretty ashamed of myself! This week, though, I fully intend to make up for it by posting lots of reviews. Woo!

And here, I award you with a stunning picture of the wonderful Jensen Ackles ;) 


  1. Haha it sounds like you had a great week! Nothing wrong with enjoying the sunshine--it was beautiful here too!

    With that picture however, you're totally forgiven; looking forward to your future posts :]

  2. Oh I kind of love you!

    <3 Jensen

  3. Hey that's life! It's not good to be chained to the computer anyway. As much as some of us wouldn't mind that...


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