22 March 2013

Book to Movie Chat: Life of Pi


Tatum: Overall I think the film doesn't do too badly in terms of plot, given the kind of book it's trying to adapt to the screen. Pi feels true to the original character and his relationship with Richard Parker is basically front and centre throughout; the beautiful imagery of the book is brought to life in stunning 3D (no seriously, it is a gorgeous movie). However, I think the choice to not include some of the most important scenes in the book, such as the interaction between Pi and the blind man, kind of messes up the narrative a bit. You don't feel that same gravity in the closing scenes and that annoyed me, although I think this was basically done to simplify the plot for a Hollywood audience :/ It is a fairly good adaptation but not one without its holes - if you can get past those it will probably be an enjoyable movie, I think.

Amber: Aside from the fact the best scenes of the novel was cut out, I think the way the book was brought to the screen was fantastic. They covered all of the necessary plot points and did so really well. I do think it was quite rushed, though that is to be expected since it's almost always impossible for a movie include everything from the original work(s). The ending and its intended impact felt very diluted to me. I had such a strong reaction to the novel, but the movie... It just wasn't there. Maybe it's because I read the book and knew what to expect, but I do have the feeling that it was diluted for the regular audience. There was also that stupid romantic plot, which I didn't get at all. Whatever.


Tatum: Pi was great, especially Pi as an adult. I think he really brought to life the intelligence, faith and will to survive that was prevalent in the book counterpart. There aren't many other characters I noticed, because let's be real, when am I going to care about extra characters? (The answer is never, by the way). I did quite like Pi's mother and father, but the less said about the love interest the better.

why is she there? we just don't know.
Amber: Much like he was in the novel, Richard Parker was the best character, hands down. I also adored Pi, although I didn't feel the same connection to him in the movie as I did in the book. Isn't that what it's like most of the time, though? I mean, in the book we got to see his inner thoughts and feelings, but the actor and director had to try to put it all across on screen. I still felt the same faith and hope he emitted, just less strongly. On another note, I loved Pi's family. They were adorable together!

Stuff We Liked

Tatum: RICHARD PARKER. Ahem. Yes, the animals were the GREATEST, OKAY. I loved all the attention to detail and how beautiful the tiger actually is. The animals were just so gorgeous and realistic that I spent most of my time jumping out my seat whenever Richard Parker would roar or when the other animals would cry out. I think Amber nearly died laughing at my expense tbh. I have a fragile heart, okay.

ALSO, the special effects were stunning. Like, so, so beautiful and that really adds to the film because it brings to life all the incredible imagery found in the book; it's just so amazing.

I loved Pi, especially when he gets on the lifeboat and his struggle truly begins. His inner monologue is never boring and you really feel a connection with his character, with the things he struggles with. His relationship with Richard Parker is legit an epic bromance and I think I cried my way through most of their scenes.

Amber: Richard Parker! I have nothing to add to what Tatum said, and since she got in there first I will just say THIS ^. Every time Richard Parker was on screen I became very emotional because he was a beautiful animal. That said, I didn't really feel the danger that I did in the book. While reading I was kind of worried that Richard Parker was going to chew Pi's arm off for a mid-morning snack, but during the movie I kind of wanted the two to get into a warm embrace.

Stuff We Didn't

Tatum: Um, apart from the decision to not include key scenes? I have two words for you - love interest. BECAUSE WHY. Such a silly, unnecessary inclusion to an otherwise great film. And their scenes, ohmygod. It was painful to watch and ultimately it serves no purpose because she is in the film for all of ten minutes, thus making all that suffering IN VAIN.

Amber: The bloody romantic ~storyline. I don't even know. I also hated that they didn't include the part with the blind man, because that part of the story is what helped the Japanese investigators come to the conclusion that Pi might be telling tales. And I also loved that part of the book so... I wasn't impressed.

Favourite Scene

Tatum: I loved the scene with the whale breaching the surface of the ocean. It was just breathtakingly beautiful. I may have cried a bit, ngl.

Amber: I had two. 1) Pi getting hit by the flying fish, because it was my favourite scene in the book. 2) Richard Parker walking away into the jungle after the pair of them landed on the Mexican beach. I sobbed my heart out both in the book and in the movie.

'Why Is This Happening?'

Tatum: Seriously, why is that girl there and what purpose does she serve except to annoy me with her presence?

Amber: Who even is she? I thought that maybe she would have an effect on Pi's character, or teach him a valuable lesson of some sort. Instead she had two scenes and then disappeared completely. It was unnecessary. I feel like they only did this because a romance can draw in an audience, and it reminded me of how romance is often required in YA. 


Tatum: 7

Amber: 7

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  1. I haven't read the book nor seen the movie, and I definitely want to do that now. (First the book, then the movie obviously. Though I'm not good with movie adaptations. They're just... meh in comparison?) The last part made me laugh so hard. "Why is that girl there and what purpose does she serve except to annoy me with her presence?" Teehee. Please keep doing these!!!

    (Also, maybe you should write a post about VERONICA MARS? Yes please? :)


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