11 March 2013

New Releases: March 12 - 18, 2013

There aren't as many great releases as last week, but there are a couple here that I'm looking forward to! All links go to Goodreads.

This about girls who move to LA to become stars.
Kyra is a skilled potions master who has to kill the future ruler of the kingdom. Her poison dart misses, which may have something to do with the guy being her friend. She goes on the run, and sounds like a proper badass!
A meteorite hits Earth, and there's a bloke who wants to rule over Ry and his family. Ry defends himself by resurrecting a group of imaginary childhood friends who protected him when his father was being abusive.
This is about a group of girls who seem to be addicted to shoplifting.
This is a Bluebeard fairytale retelling.
Sequel to Cross My Heart
The sequel to Lies Beneath, which I didn't enjoy at all. 
Sequel to Pretty Crooked.
A science fiction thriller about a girl who discovers that she is an experimental A.I.
This is about a girl who is kidnapped, and while the reviews aren't all that great, I am interested in reading it!

Which books are you most looking forward to?


  1. Scowler looks interesting! The cover for PANIC is beautiful!

    1. Right? It reminds me a bit of Pretty Girl Thirteen, in the sense that imaginary friends/different personalities come out to protect the MC.

  2. Strands of Bronze and Gold - yes please! Oh, Mila 2.0 is coming out this week? Hmh, I didn't know that. From your status updates on GR I gather you weren't a fan? PS. LOL Tod - yum, yum, yum *whistles* he literally makes me want to giggle, haha. I'm glad it gets darker. I like dark and twisted and this series definitely needs some so it won't be another teenage dramafest. I really want to read Unbroken by M. Grace that comes out tomorrow. I hope it's good :)

    1. I liked Mila 2.0, but it wasn't amazing. The love interest/romantic plot, however... NOPE. It was awful. Hehe Tod is THE BEST. You're going to love the next books if you love Tod, and love darker and more twisted stories XD Prepare yourself :D

  3. Poison and Strands of bronze and gold <3 Oh yeah. Gimmegimmegimme :D


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