30 December 2013

New Releases: December 31, 2013 - January 6, 2014

The new year is very nearly upon us, and publishers are still holding those books close. Think of this as the calm before the storm, because next week is going to be INSANE.


  1. The promise of Amazing is a book I'm definitely not going to read :p

  2. Rooooooooooooomies! Need this in my life.

  3. Roomies looks like right up my alley. As for The Promise of Amazing....I read it recently and it was an average book. Not bad, but I definitely did not find it amazing. It was an okay read. The Book of Love sounds like a really cute read. Hope you have a great New Year's!

    1. I thought TPOA was soooo boring. Definitely not amazing, I agree, haha. Happy New Year!


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