13 January 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Wrap Up

I did it! I met my goal of three books. To be fair, I was already in the middle of one of them by the time Bout of Books started for me, but let's ignore that. I finished three books! I wasn't expecting this, since I get very distracted during the week due to work, and then of course I didn't actually start my third book until yesterday evening. I'm so pleased to have managed it though! Here are some stats:

Total # of pages read: 1040. I am pleased to have read more than 1000 pages! 
Average # of pages per day: 148. I could have read way more if I hadn't been so distracted, and also on the verge of a reading slump. However, I did write one and a half recaps for Recaptains last week, so that's good!
# of chats I took part in: 1. I took part in the first one, but didn't do the second because... I can't really remember why. I was doing something!
Total # of books read: 3. I MET MY GOAL!
Books read:
So that's it for this Bout of Books! I'm pleased with my win. Are you pleased with yours?


  1. Congrats on meeting your goal even with distractions such as work! I started classes this week and I let it completely kill my reading. I wish I had been like you and powered through it! Ah well, there is always the next Bout of Books, right?

  2. Congratulations! This was a really fun Bout of Books to participate in. I only did one chat too, but I did a few of the challenges and it was a lot of fun to talk to everyone. I've heard about The Elementals series, but I haven't picked it up yet. It sounds interesting though. I read The Naturals back in December and I loved it, I think I have the review of it posted on my blog already. And another congratulations for meeting your goals. Reading over 1000 pages is really impressive! This was my first Bout of Books and I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to participating in more. I've really enjoyed readathons and this one was definitely a lot of fun.


  3. Congratulations! Your page count is impressive.

  4. Congratulations! I know ho difficult it is to attain goals when on the verge of a reading slump!!
    New follower here :)

  5. Fantastic job! Congrats on meeting your goals. I hope you enjoyed your books too. I really liked The Naturals and I've got The Uninvited on my TBR pile.

  6. Bout of Books was great. I too completed and exceeded my goals.

  7. Congratulations! Three books is great :-)

  8. I FINISHED THREE BOOKS AS WELL. IT'S A TIE. But you wrote recaps so I guess you win. Sigh.


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