21 January 2014

Top Twelve Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Twelve Things On My Reading Wishlist
I feel like I have been talking about the kind of stuff I want to see in books a lot lately, so I've mixed it up this week and gone with bookish things that I want in my life as well as things I want to see in books. Because diversity is good.

1. The rest of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld books
Lauren made me and Tatum read this series because it's one of her all time favourites. I've read the first two books, and I own the first five, so I definitely need to get a move on and buy the rest so I can marathon them whenever I please. Or, rather, whenever my reading schedule allows.

2. LGBT+ main characters
I want a main character who saves his/her town/country/world/universe, and just happens to be queer. Don't get me wrong, I think that contemporary novels wherein the main character explores their sexuality are important, but I also want to see a more diverse array of sexualities in other genres. I'm a giant sci-fi fan, so to have a queer main character kick some alien butt with her girlfriend would be awesome.

3. Time travel
ALL THE TIME TRAVEL. Is it too much to ask for?

4. The new Harry Potter paperbacks
Because they are my favourite covers so far.
5. A reading chair
Also a bigger bedroom so I can fit a reading chair into it.

6. Less romance, more individuality
Or even just more importance put towards the main character's siblings or parents or friends. I feel like romance is taking (has taken) over YA, and it's annoying. The plot shouldn't always revolve around the main character's boyfriend (or girlfriend, see #2), especially when Earth is at risk of being taken over by evil aliens in sparkly spaceships. I can't even remember the last time I read a YA novel where the female protagonist was single at the end. Has there even been one?

7. Physical copies of Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, books 5 to 7
After the first four I started buying these on my Kindle because I couldn't wait for them to be delivered. I need to complete my collection!
8. More POC main characters
I feel like this is going to be on everybody's list, and rightly so. While I do think the situation is getting better, there tables are definitely still tipped in favour of the pale, freckly, red heads. Or the guys with ocean eyes.

9. Mafia/Crime families
Tatum recently reviewed White Cat by Holly Black, and I remembered exactly why I loved it so much. Crime. Families. Love it.

10. A wall-mounted bookcase
While I love my current bookcases, I really want one that spreads across the whole of the wall. I'd be able to fit so many more books on there. But again, I need a bigger bedroom. Or my own house.

11. Alternate history novels
I'm currently writing one (well, I was, but then a full time job happened to me), and I would L-O-V-E to see more of them. Whether the historical setting is just a backdrop for the main storyline, or a full on "What if Hitler had been assassinated" story, I WANT THEM ALL.

12. Ancient Rome
Because really. Who am I.


  1. I also need to buy Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld books. She's one of my favourite authors and I own all her YA. Also, because I started watching the Bitten tv adaptation I've been wanting to reread them terribly but I got them from the library when I first read them and don't own them (yet) *cries*.

    I would LOVE to have a big, comfy reading chair, and leatherbound books, and a wall mounted bookshelf... And a bigger room (or library *cough*) to fit them all in. Or just a house. With bookshelves for walls. It's not like real walls are important or anything...

    All the souls screamers are gracing my shelf :D They're beautiful (except not all my covers match because the AUS publisher decided to change from the US covers to the UK ones for the VERY LAST BOOK JDKhkfsj). Hope you can get you hands on those last few in the series and all the other things you want soon!

  2. Everyone could use more bookshelves and more space for books (although my hubby might not agree with me!) I haven't read any of Armstrong's adult books, but I do love her YA books and I've read both series. I also love the Souls Screamer series, even if I still have to read the last book :(

    Thanks for stopping back and for sharing your awesome list!

  3. I really, really, really want that new HP box set, but I can't afford it and I already own 2 sets. Ahhh, the difficulties of a reader! Less romance, yes please. I'm getting sick and tired of thrown-in romance just to have romance. I really don't need it to enjoy a book (unless it's cute, then I'm pleased.) I just don't like the focus on it if it's not needed.. I'm trying to come up with a book where the MC stays single, but I don't know.

  4. POC MCs *nods fervently* And YES on Ancient Rome. I would love to read more about it. I read an adult book once about it and was swept away. Also, I'm with you on that bookshelving.

  5. Alternate history could be SO GOOD. And a big yes to the new HP paperbacks, because I'm dying for a matching set now that I have a big bookcase display and they are so gorgeous.

  6. 2. I would love to have more LGBT characters in stories. I really like the fact that it's catching on finally, but now I want to see them as characters in other stories and it doesn't focus on their sexuality as much.
    4. YES! I need the new HP paperbacks as well...I've asked for them for my birthday and christmas and no dice.
    11. I'm reading an alternate history book right now actually and I'm in love with it so far. It's called Three Princes by Romana Wheeler. It's ancient egyptian based, but I suppose it's what would have happened if their civilization blossomed and became the cultural standard for the western world.

  7. I am restraining myself from buying the Harry Potter paperbacks. I have the originals, but I have a feeling I will crumble soon :)
    Absolutely agree with the big reading chair & wall bookcases. I'm thinking of snagging our old couch for my office when we buy a new one. :)

  8. 3. Have you read The Map of Time by Felix J Palma? It's a long book, written in a Victorian tone, but it's a smart book if you like to analyze as you go and really fun even if you just want to enjoy the journey!

    6. Thank you! LOL, I was getting worried that I was the only one who saw that trend. Love is important sure, but other things are important too! And I don't appreciate these "love stories" where she loves him because "he's so hot" and he loves her because "she's so cute" and then that's the whole basis for the relationship. They instantly love each other because they're both good looking. Gimme a break.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  9. Oooh, I'd LOVE to see more time travel and alternate history stories! I'd also like to see romance take a back seat, it gets annoying when the MC spends 75% of a the-world-is-ending book obsessing over/making out with a boy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  10. I really need a good reading chair too! I would love one of those overstuffed comfy chairs that I could just snuggle into with a mug of hot cocoa and a great book. I'm probably going to daydream about this for about half the day now!

    I would also love to see more time travel and interaction between people who are from different times.

  11. Amen for wall-mounted bookcase! Great list girl, thanks for stopping by earlier :)

  12. Guys with the ocean eyes. You so nailed it.

    Also YES PLEASE to those new HP paperbacks! I am in luff.

  13. Good list! Especially numbers 5, 6, 8 and 11. Yes, please! I need a reading chair. I need a place to put a reading chair. (I need time to sit in my reading chair and actually read!) With a floor lamp for good light and a little table for a tea tray, and a warm throw to tuck around me if I'm cold. Heaven!

    Too much focus on romance - and especially on the soulmate or one-and-only -- is a problem in YA, I agree. Because really, how many people find their forever-love in high school? Granted, some people do, and that's wonderful, but they're not in the majority. I also don't like the message this widespread focus on romance sends to young women: that you won't be truly happy until you find the one guy who completes you. Gah. Work on being a complete person, a happy person, a person who's out there reaching for or living her dreams. You're more likely to meet someone interesting that way, and it's going to make you a lot more interesting to the people you meet... and if you don't meet someone interesting for a long time, you'll still be living a meaningful life. Living it, instead of waiting for it to happen to you.

    I'm a fan of alternate history, especially with fantasy elements, so bring it on!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. Nice to "meet" you!

  14. This is such a perfect list!! I agree with pretty much everything...although the two series' you mentioned are ones I haven't even heard of!!

    Reading chair and anothe rbookshelf - YES PLEASE. I need a writing chair too. My current one is so uncomfortable I always end up moving around on my bed every page or so.

    Queer characters and POC characters must be on most people's list. I really feel like it is getting better, but there is absolutely still a long way to go.

    THOSE HARRY POTTER COVERS. I've actually only ever had the one set of HP books with the original covers but wow, those are tempting.


    Absolutely the no.1 thing for me is the less romance/more individuality. I actually LOVE romance in my books but it doesn't have to always be earth splitting, world ending romance that takes over every page and every relationship. I like to think that the romances I write hit the right balance, but then I guess it is always hard to judge. The sad thing is that it's much easier to get people to read YA fantasy with 'romance' tagged on the end then it is without. So you almost understand why a lot of authors go there.

    Ah well. Great post!!

  15. Yes to 2 please thank you. (More Than This. You're welcome.) I WANT ALL THE TIME TRAVEL OKAY. But not AOY because yeah. And crime families because family stories are the best and make me cry. And I was in the library the other day and they had these brilliant reading chairs so I'm thinking I should steal one for myself. They totally wouldn't notice, right? And seriously, the romance in books is ANNOYING ME TO NO END. We don't always NEED romance okay. (*points to Lauren's unpublished post to emphasize*)


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