28 January 2014

Top Five Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In and Five I Would

Top Five Worlds I Would Never Want to Live In...

1. The Hunger Games
For obvious reasons, right? Even though I am now too old to take part in the Reaping, it would still be a shit place to live because you'd have to watch children fight each other to the death. These would probably be people that you know, considering how small the districts are. And I would probably be in a poorer district, so that would also suck.

2. Unwind
Again, I'm too old to actually be unwound, but this world is so dark and horrible and .... ugh. In case you didn't know, it's a world in which parents can give up their teenagers if they don't want them, and the teenagers will be unwound, meaning every single body part would be put into other people's bodies. Parts of the teenager would be in hundreds of people who needed transplants or new limbs. It's creepy.

3. The Knife of Never Letting Go
While I am a curious person, I would hate to hear what men are thinking all the time.
4. All Our Yesterdays
Because there would be timey-wimey stuff happening and that's never good, is it? All of history could collapse. This is why they invented Timelocks.

5. Blood Red Road
Because it's a boiling hot, dusty, crime-filled world and while I love reading about it, it's not somewhere I would want to live.

... and Five That I Would
And because I couldn't pick ten places that I wouldn't want to live, here are five worlds that I would love to live in. At least for a day.
1. Dark Life
While I bloody hate deep water and the ocean, I think this whole world is weirdly beautiful, and I wouldn't mind living in it. You know, if I was forced to.

2. Harry Potter
*whispers* I already do live in this world, I'm just not supposed to tell you Muggles.

3. Pivot Point
Again, if this was forced upon me, it wouldn't be too bad. I would quite like to have the ability to turn invisible, enhance my memory, learn languages easily, not have to sleep... Superpowers would be amazing.
4. Blackout
Just for a while, and only if I got a cool power. And perhaps my actions should be erased once I return to my own world, because I might not get up to the nicest things while I'm there.

5. Women of the Otherworld
I want to be a half-demon.


  1. Oh agreed, those dystopian worlds are all places I would never ever want to live for obvious reasons. It didn't even occur to me to mention Chaos Walking on my own list, but knowing what men are thinking all the time? *shudders* Definitely no. Now Hogwarts, I would move there before you could say Lumos.

  2. THG is a given without the explanation. Only a masochist would want to live there, if you ask me. "it's a world in which parents can give up their teenagers if they don't want them" omg, that sounds horrible O__O "While I am a curious person, I would hate to hear what men are thinking all the time." -- HAHA. That reminds me of that movie with Mel Gibson, What Do Women Want? No? I don't remember the title. I agree with Blood Red Road. Love reading about it, but wouldn't want to live there myself. Hahaha, HP is a given as well, of course. As for Pivot Point--it sounds so goooooddd and in reply to your comment, my friend Nick got me a copy and it should arrive soon so yay :) I'll be reading it pretty darn soon! WIN!!!! You want to be a half-demon? LOL. This must be the first time I have ever heard that line before.

  3. I'm also old enough to be safe from THG tournament, but I agree: it would be horrible to see people you know fighting to death. Horrible.. I don't think I would pick All our Yesterdays, I didn't think it was a bad setting. But, seeing that they could have changed the future is a bit frightening. TAKE ME WITH YOU, I want to be in HP's world too <3

  4. Ooooh you divided! Good choice, I'd LOVEEEEEE to be in HP world, even if I were a Muggle. Maybe I'd be in an office working form friendly relations with wizards or something. <3
    The bad ones I totally agree with. As for AOY, it could be dangerous because of maniacs with too much power.
    Looking forward to Young's books, must read them this year.
    Happy reading!

  5. I would say great picks but I can't because I wouldn't want to live in those worlds either.
    But awesome worlds you would want to live in <3
    Here's our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

  6. I just discovered Unwind on someone else's list tonight and it sounds TERRIBLE! I totally added it to my TBR though lol. Eeps... I love your Five you would list!! Harry, of course... Pivot Point YES PLEASE! Swoon... It would be fun all in all I think :)

  7. I so agree with you on Harry Potter, I want to live in a magical world SO much! It would not a lot easier to be Harry after Voldemort thought ;)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  8. Absolutely no to the Hunger Games for obvious reasons. That's a crazy dystopian I would never want to be part of. I want to live in Harry Potter world too! Where is the secret wizard school?!? =)

  9. I would definitely NOT want to live in Panem because I would just be an emotional mess at Reaping Day and no thanks. Also, I think my life would just suck. The Unwind world sounds ridiculous and awful, and I would go insane if I had to listen to what everyone was thinking all the time. Also, I probably wouldn't make that many friends XD

    But I would LOVE magic and/or superpowers, please. That's really all I need.


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