17 February 2011

Cicely from Cicely Loves Books Shares Her Top 5 YA Crushes

As it's Valentine's Week (I don't just restrict myself to one day, you see) I've decided to make some love themed posts. I was planning on writing a discussion post for yesterday, but as some of you may know, my laptop completely died on me. But it's back now, so don't fret! I'll just post the discussion on Saturday instead!
Today, I welcome Cicely from Cicely Loves Books to my blog. She wanted to share her top five YA crushes with you wonderful folk. Be warned - it's a rather long post. But I'm sure y'all don't mind. Take it away, Cicely:
Hello there, lovely followers of Books of Amber! It is me, Cicely, and I’m here today to discuss some of my literary crushes (no, not crushes. My appreciation of these boys goes beyond that of a mere crush! They are feelings of PURE LOVE. Don’t judge me. ;P)
So, let’s see my top 5 literary LOVES:
    1. Jace from The Mortal Instruments series (which, if you have not read already, I will personally buy and send you copies of all three books. Maybe. If I wasn’t broke.) Why, you may be asking. Well, if you have read the books, then you will know! Jace has THE BEST HAIR. (Which is fairly typical of me. I ALWAYS fall for the one with the nice hair.) Also, he is just gorgeous, and funny, and sarcastic, and has emotions, and can kick butt, and the list goes on… [I think a lot of people will agree with you there, Cicely. Even if they haven't read the books, just look at Alex over there <<]
     2.  Will from Angelfire. Angelfire is one of my favourite recently released books, and Will is probably fifty percent of the reason why. He has these piercing green eyes that you can’t just help but swoon over, and he’s just amazing. *goes to get lost in his eyes* ;p
3. Alex from Perfect Chemistry. I instantly fall in love with ANY Fuentes brother, but Alex has to be my favourite. He’s a typical bad boy at first (and who can’t resist a bit of a bad boy? ;P) and then he goes and turns into a lovely man which we see plenty more if in Rules of Attraction and I think your brain might be slightly broken if you don’t have a thing for him. [Jay Hernandez would make a wonderful Alex, imo. *drool* >>]
4.  Alex from Delirium. Delirium is *currently* my favourite book ever, and Alex is just… *sighs*  Not only is he gorgeous, and has good hair, but he is such a great person too! Oh, and how the ending broke my heart… He was just beautiful.
5.  Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss (possibly my *current* second favourite book of all time) Etienne officially (or in my imagination) has the bestest-even-better-then-Jace hair out of all of the above people. He is sweet, funny, short (so I wouldn’t feel like a dwarf standing next to him) British (we would be so British together! It would be amazing!) And all in all just brilliant! If only it weren’t for his fear of change, then maybe he’d break up with Anna and come be with me like we all know he should…
So, those were my top five literary loves. Thank you for having me Amber! Now excuse me while I sit in the corner and lament the fact that none of them actually exist…

Thanks Cicely! While I haven't read Anna and the French Kiss or Angelfire (yet), I can say that any list that includes Alex Fuentes and Jace Wayland is just made of win! What do you guys think? Share your thoughts below, while I sit here and swoon over that Jay Hernandez picture.

Stay tuned for part two.. A second blog post from a second blogger!


  1. I am laughing now, because you got them all!!!!! JACE, who isn't in love with him?! He is of course my all time fav YA crush,too:D
    Will, Alex, Alex AGREED! My heroes! And I still need to read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, but I am sure I'll fall in love with Etienne aswell.
    Thanks for this post, a lot of fun and excellent crush choices!

  2. Thanks so much for having me! Hehe, I know it's rather long but as soon as I get started on YA boys, it's quite hard to stop me ;p And that picture of Alex is HOT. Me likey ;p

  3. I thought you'd enjoy the Alex picture ;) (Wait, which Alex? :P) Haha, don't worry about the length - it's better that it's longer :D Posts about hot boys always need to be long, imo :P

    Sarah - Cicely has good taste, doesn't she? :D Excuse me while I go and fan myself! ;D

  4. I'm surprised Archer from Hex Hall didn't make any of these lists! What a great idea for a post. :-)


  5. Thanks Brooke :)

    Ooo, I forgot about Archer! I love him too. I hope we get to see more of him in Demonglass :D

  6. Hahah Cicely we are so alike. I always appreciate boys with very nice hair. Etienne trumps all, you are so right on that one. *sighs dreamily*

  7. Now both you and Cicely are making me jealous, Cialina. I want to read Anna and the French Kiss so badly!


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