14 February 2011

Weekly Round-Up: Feb 7 - Feb 13

I didn't actually get a chance to post much last week, because my computer completely died on me. I'm typing this right now using my old laptop, that you can't move unless you want it to turn off without warning. Hopefully my dad's friend should have my laptop fixed soon. At least I managed to get two reviews up last week, that's the important thing, right?


<< The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. A very good read!

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa - which I absolutely LOVED >>

 << Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I loved this book, and it sent such a powerful message. Wonderful.

Reviewed (click for review):
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins - 4.5/5
Outside In by Maria V Snyder - 4.5/5

 I bought quite a few books this week.. but didn't have a chance to make an IMM post before my laptop died. You'll have to wait for next week!

Currently Reading or Planning to Read:
 I have no idea at the moment. I'm leaning toward Entangled by Cat Clarke, but I also have a few books that I need to review so... We'll see. 

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! <3


  1. Nice roundup :) You read/reviewed some great books this week. I'm also looking forward to Entangled, but I have three books that I need to finish up and review at the moment. I can't let myself get too greedy, even though it's easy to do with all of the yummy books coming out this year!

  2. Great roundup! I'm so looking forward to reading The Body Finder! :D


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