06 April 2013

Introducing Recaptains!

It's been almost a whole month since this project was launched, and I have only just remembered to write a blog post to introduce it. I know, I suck. 

Three fellow bloggers - Judith, Betty, and Hannah - and I have been working on this project since February, and I'm really pleased with how well it has been received so far! So this is a post to tell you a bit about Recaptains, and what our mission is. Hannah has already written an awesome post on the subject, which is a lot more creative than mine, so you should go and read that one too.

If you're a blogger or an avid reader (which I assume you are, since you're reading this post) then I'm sure you've read a lot of series, right? You're probably in the middle of a few right now, and waiting for the sequels to come out later on this year or next. I know I'm probably in the middle of 30+ at this very moment, and that's just being hopeful. 

So what do you do before the next book in a series comes out? Do you scramble to fit in a re-read between all the other books that you have to read and review? Or do you just wing it and hope that the new book in the series includes a recap? I personally don't have time to do any re-reads since I have to keep up with my reading and this blog. I know a lot of other people have the same problem. I've seen it all over Twitter. And so did my fellow Recaptains.

Judith, Betty, Hannah, and I wanted to create something that would help those who had forgotten past plots or characters. Remember the chaos surrounding Insurgent's release, because there wasn't a recap in that book? Well, we're hoping to eliminate that. 

Our mission?

We - Amber, Betty, Hannah and Judith - solemnly swear to protect the world from literary amnesia and serial killers. We swear to protect our fellow human beings and to spread the love for books. We don't believe in fear. We have faith that the world can be better, and will be better.

We wanted to make this a thing that involves the whole community, so we have a Requests page. Feel free to ask for recaps! It's what we're here for. 

Better yet, you can become a sidekick! We have a Contribute page, where you can send us recaps that you have written. You'll get all the credit, and you'll also get a shiny badge of honour to show off how awesome you are. There are no obligations - you can recap just one book, or the whole series, and you won't get any of those pesky spam emails from us asking you to recap more. You could even do a joint recap with a friend if you wanted!

So visit our site and take a look around. We've recapped quite a few books already, and we're currently working on a lot more. We also have a Twitter account which you can follow for updates, and superhero quotes. Because who doesn't love those? And you could always add our button to your blog!

I hope you love this project as much as we do! With The Recaptains, you'll never again have to re-read a book before picking up the next one in a series. We're working together to save series one book at a time! (I totally stole this paragraph from Hannah.)



  1. It's amazing what you are doing girls! I'm interested in contributing, so who knows :D


    1. Thanks, Mel! Definitely let us know if you find a series or book that you feel like recapping :D

  2. I love this site! Really... I am the type of person who forgets all the details when books come out once a year in a series. It sucks! So I am glad you are there for us!

    Angela's Anxious Life

    1. Thank you so much Angie! I'm the same, I always forget everything when it's time to read a sequel. There are just too many series!

  3. TEEHEE! What a wonderful idea! I am as excited as Will Smith. Let that be clear. http://assets0.ordienetworks.com/images/GifGuide/dancing/smith1.gif

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  5. YAYYYYYYYYYYY! Oh my goodness I love you ladies and this project!

  6. I heard you wanted someone to recap the fated series by Sarah Alderson? I've read them and I'd be willing to do that. I've got a blog myself and I know it can be very hectic sometimes!

  7. Hi Amber! I think this project is awesome. I have a book I'd really like recapped! I know this is kind of the wrong place for it, because I could just send in a form on the Recaptains website, but I thought I'd write here instead because it doesn't fit into either code red, yellow, etc.

    This is because I read the first book a few years ago and was unaware there was a series. I believe the last book was released in 2010 or 2009. I didn't know what to type on the form, so I commented on this post instead.

    The book is 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison, and the series is called thirteen treasures. I am interested in reading the next two books but don't really want to re-read the first book.

    Thanks so much for your help! If you'd like to read and recap it, I would be very grateful. If not, that's fine too, I just thought I'd comment.

    Thanks again. :)


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