18 February 2011

The Iron King Blog Tour - Part One: Guest Post from Julie Kagawa

Hi all. Today I have a post of epic proportions for you all to enjoy. I have welcomed Julie Kagawa (Yes, THE Julie Kagawa, author of The Iron Fey series) to my blog. She has written a guest post on the complicated relationship between the characters in the first book in the series - The Iron King. Enjoy!
Source: GoodReads
Hello, I’m Julie Kagawa, author of The Iron Fey series. Since Valentine’s Day just went by, I thought I would examine the love triangle between the character’s in The Iron King, specifically the two boys: Ash and Puck. We’ll take a look at their flaws and virtues, and try to decide which one is the better choice. First up on the list is:

Puck: The eternal trickster. Playful, snarky, sarcastic, and mischievous. Puck was appointed Meghan’s guardian by her father, King Oberon, and rarely left her side in the mortal world. A formidable bodyguard, Puck is known by another name: Robin Goodfellow, an ancient, legendary faery whose appearance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream has made him infamous. Puck is light-hearted, cheerful, and completely loyal to his princess; he would do anything to protect her and keep her safe.

Unfortunately, those same virtues could also be Puck’s downfall. He is rarely serious, hiding all deeper emotions behind an endless stream of jokes and sarcastic remarks. If he harbours feelings for Meghan, he never shows them, which can lead to confusion about his true intentions. If Puck is to have a chance with Meghan’s heart, he must shake off his flippant nature long enough to show her how he really feels. Or risk losing her to someone else. 

Which brings us to:
Ash: The Unseelie Prince. The youngest son of Queen Mab, Ash is the embodiment of a Winter noble: dark, beautiful, and deadly. At first glance, Ash appears arrogant and cold, but dig a little deeper and his true self begins to emerge, one that is brave and honourable and surprisingly gentle. His icy barrier hides a dark past, but those who try to see past it might find a completely different person behind the cold facade. One who would give his all without hesitation.

Of course, Ash’s flaws are many, and Meghan may find that the odds stacked against them are too much. Raised in the Unseelie Court, the Winter Prince is no stranger to cruelty and violence. By all accounts, the daughter of the Summer Lord is his enemy, and Ash’s loyalty to his queen runs deep. If they are to have a chance at love, Ash must turn his back on his court, his queen, and everything that he knows. Can he and the Summer princess stand against all odds and make it work? Or will Meghan finally realize Puck was the better choice all along?

What are your thoughts? Who do you think is the better choice? Cheerful, light-hearted Puck? Or honourable, brooding Ash? Meghan’s tangled love life continues in The Iron Daughter, where she realizes just how deep Unseelie loyalty runs, and how far a certain Summer prankster would go to protect her.
Thank you for stopping by, Julie, and for writing that brilliant post! I loved reading it. So, fellow readers, who do you choose? Do you even have a preference? I definitely know who I'm leaning toward! See if you can guess before reading my review.

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