24 February 2011

Cover Reveal: Vanish by Sophie Jordan!

Most of you will probably be familiar with the stunning cover of Firelight by Sophie Jordan. It really is a beauty. 

I know that everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the reveal of the cover for book two in the series - Vanish. After yesterday's puzzle piece game of matching up the images from various different blogs, I can now announce that the time has come for the final cover to be revealed. And here it is!

Was it worth the wait? I think so! It's gorgeous! Out of the two, though, I think I still prefer Firelight's cover. But that's just because of the red hair. Although I do love the purple on white.. What do you lovely people think? Leave your thoughts below! :D


  1. I agree that the red hair really is something, but the eyes on the Vanish cover stand out more..they're really striking:)

  2. I think it is lovely but I too prefer the Firelight. I love red hair :)

  3. Wow !! It's gorgeous !! I really like both covers !! I can't wait to have Vanish between my hands now ! =)

  4. Holz - That's true! I love the 'dragon' eyes.

    Alice - Same here :) I'm a sucker for red hair. *thinks Entangled* :D

    Elodie - They're both wonderful, aren't they? :D I still haven't read Firelight, but I want to buy Vanish just for the cover anyway. :D

  5. Gorgeous covers, both of them. Haven't Firelight yet, but really want to!

  6. really nice covers!
    I haven't read Firelight, but I saw it at the library and really wanted to read it so I checked it out :)

  7. noiashui - I still haven't read Firelight, and I've had it sitting in my room for almost 5 months! I'll get around to it soon, hopefully!

    Cat - They're lovely, aren't they? Oh, do let me know what you think of Firelight! I've heard mixed things - and to be honest I only bought it because of the beautiful cover!


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