14 September 2011

Book Buying Ban - Update

Two weeks in, and my ban is going brilliantly! I haven't bought any more young adults books, and I've managed to read a couple that were on my list of ten. Here's a quick update for all those who are interested!

1. Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade #2)
2.5 The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey #2)

Huh, I just realised they were all the second books in the series. What a coincidence! Anyway, only 7.5 books to go! Woop!


Currently Reading:
For the challenge/ban, I think I'm going to read Linger next. But I'm also part of the way through A Game of Thrones. I'm really enjoying it! Although it doesn't count towards my ten books as it's definitely not YA!


  1. If you're on a book buying ban, I recommend the Reward Challenge going on at Good Golly Miss Holly right now! I'm doing it myself, you can find the link to her post and my newest one on my my page!


  2. Good for you Amber! I should do something like this just so I can put some order to the books that need to be read.


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