20 September 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Everyone Else Has Read... But I Haven't!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's TTT is:
Books I Feel Everyone Has Read But Me

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

I absolutely loved The Iron King, but it took me forever to get through The Iron Daughter. I didn’t like it, and unfortunately it’s now made me less excited for The Iron Queen.
Wake by Lisa McMann
I don’t know when this was first published, but everyone always squees over this trilogy! I’d love to read it.
The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien

I tried, I really did. I started reading The Hobbit when I was about 11, but I couldn’t get into it. I then tried reading the first book in this trilogy when I was about 14, but again I couldn’t get into it and I moved onto other books. But I do have this on my shelf, so hopefully I can pick it up soon.
Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

I started reading this earlier this year, but I found it kind of slow and boring. It’s still on my shelf, so I’ll get back to it eventually.
Fallen by Lauren Kate

I think this is one of the first YA books I bought last year before starting my book blog. I still haven’t read it, but it seems like everyone else has. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this series, whether it’s positive or negative.
Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Another series that everyone gets excited over!
Matched by Ally Condie
Another one I started but didn’t finish. I’ll get to it soon, but I got half way through and thought it was boring.
The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I am DYING to read this book! It sounds amazing, and Alice at The Reader Room highly recommends it!
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
This sounds super creepy! I was offered a copy of this when I was on holiday earlier this year, but couldn’t get back to the publisher until the end of August.
Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

I want to read this so bad! It sounds like such a good book, I can’t wait to read it. Maybe I’ll buy it when my ban is over.


  1. I've only read 3 books on that list so don't worry. You aren't the only one. The DUFF is amazing so read it soon :D

  2. Eee! I should have added Jellicoe Road on my list. I have some great blogger friends hounding me about that one. I really loved Dash and Lily..read it in the wintertime!

    Here's my top ten books that I feel like everyone has read if you feel like moseying on over to my blog!

  3. If it's any comfort, of all the books you listed I only read one, "Matched" ;-) !

  4. Um, hi. Can we be friends? Because I think you're the only other person I know to agree that Dash & Lily's was pretty boring. :P

    As for the Iron Queen - READ IT! I know the Iron Daughter was like pulling teeth, and the love triangle was maddening, but the Iron Queen truly makes up for it. Really.

    Also, there are no words to describe Jellicoe Road's beauty. It's wonderful. Sad, but wonderful.

  5. Great list! I really want to read Jellicoe Road as well. I picked it up from my library so I definitely need to get to it soon. [: Sorry you thought Matched was boring ]: hopefully it will be better if you pick it up again.

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate

  6. I loved The Iron Queen, but I almost hated The Iron Daughter. I was so done with Meghan after Daughter, but I had Queen from the library and I grudgingly picked it up. And then I loved it!

    I only read the first book of the Wake trilogy. Eh, I didn't love it, but I don't connect well with her writing style.

    I can't bring myself to finish The Lord of the Rings either. I'm stalled at the halfway point of the second book. I like the movies so much more.

    Miss Peregrine's is so NOT creepy. It seems like it should be, right? But it goes off in a totally different direction partway through and it's not scary.

  7. I was resistant to Leviathan but ended up reading it for a class. I did enjoy it. I keep forgetting about Jellicoe Road. Everyone says it's fabulous - everyone.

  8. I also bought Fallen when I got into reading YA and it's still sitting on my shelf unread. I hear you either love it or hate it so I'm wary about reading that one.

    I liked Matched and I agree it was a bit slow in the beginning but it really picked up.

  9. I have eight of those books on my bookshelf at the moment, but the only one I have read is Dash and Lily. That is so bad isn't it!

  10. Don't feel bad for not being able to get into The Lord of the Rings, especially if you couldn't get into The Hobbit. Besides those of us who are huge fans have a hard time reading them too, I absolutely love the books but it takes me ages to be able to read one. lol (A tip: You can totally skip the songs and poems and it won't effect your ability to understand the plot)

    Thanks for stopping by In Libris Veritas!! :)

  11. Awww, so sad you didn't enjoy LOTR! I loved it/them (they're actually one book, published in 3 parts, I never know what to call it/them).
    I've been meaning to read Fallen as well. Hope you enjoy them all once you get to them!

  12. I just recently finished Jellicoe Road and I LOVED it! Thanks for stopping by!


  13. I need to read LOTR, too. Of course, I've seen the movies. I plan on reading The Hobbit one day soon, before that movie comes out, lol.

    I've read Fallen, and I think you'll like it if YA paranormal romance in its most stereotypical fashion is your thing. If not, then it might fail to excite you too much.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. A friend of mine's 10 year old is reading Lord of the Rings. I feel like an EPIC failure having not read them. I hear Jellicoe is a must. We must.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Don't give up on the Lord of the Rings trilogy completely. It really is one of those series that takes time and dedication to read...but once you do, you'll be happier you did.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  16. I'm right with you on The Iron Queen! I've heard good things about it though so one of these days, I'll have to pick it up. I havent read Leviathan either - for some reason I always forget which series it is and then forget to borrow it from the library, but The DUFF was funny and sweet and really fantastic.

    Happy reading to you! Thank you for stopping by earlier.

  17. Oh! *facepalm* I completely forgot about The Duff! I haven't read it either, but it definitely needs to be on my list. I've read the Fallen series and they're alright. :) Fabulous list!

  18. Oh my gosh, you DEFINITELY need to go out and read the Iron Queen! It was so good! I just love Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series and that installment was just amazing! :)

    LOL I read The Hobbit last year for English class too and it was just... awful. It put me off every single book that's written remotely the same way. x)

    Awesome Top Ten list, Amber!

  19. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN. It definitely has its creepy moments, but some elements of the story were lacking.

  20. You HAVE to read Jellicoe Road. This may help you decide: Jonah <3

  21. great list! I totally felt the same way about Iron daughter and have yet to read iron queen but everyone says it gets better, so I will eventually try it.

    Leviathan was pretty good, I need to read the second one though.

    I too have not read Jellicoe road.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  22. I can SO see why you put Matched down because it was boring, but it does get so much better toward the end, I loved that book! I haven't read any of the others on your list, though a bunch of them are on my TBR piles.

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

  23. 'Jellicoe' is one of my favourite books EVER. Like of ALL TIME. Haha I get a little bit excited whenever I see it mentioned. Definitely give it a shot because it is gorgeous and wonderful.

    The 'Leviathan' books are so fun!

  24. Duff! I should've added that to my list too.. Oh! more embarrassment! *sob* Ha! Ha! I want to read Fallen too but whenever I go to a bookstore and picked it up to buy it, I end up putting it back and buying something else. I wonder why.

    I think the Iron Queen is the most amazing book among the Iron Fey series. Read it! Lol.

    Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

  25. I ended up liking Jellicoe Road. But it took over 150 pages before I got to that decision.

  26. The only book I'm familiar with on here is Lord of the Rings! Haha. Maybe it's just not meant to be if you can't get through it. But it's okay, because there are always the movies! XD

  27. Thanks for stopping by! I've only read Fallen and Matched and both didn't leave me as impressed as I had thought I would be with them. I don't blame you one bit for not finishing Matched - nothing happened within the span of 400 pages!
    And Fallen had such a pretty cover but left me wanting the story to focus on the smaller side characters rather than the mains, just because they were so much more interesting.

  28. The 'Wake' trilogy is amazing, you have to read it!
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog :D

  29. I really want to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs but my TBR list is too long at the moment. Do hope you read it and enjoy it! When I first read the Hobbit, I was bored beyond my imagination, I just dragged through it and finished it! But I re-read it recently and loved it. Hopefully, I can read the entire LOTR series soon!
    Happy Reading

  30. I need to read the Iron King books too. Everyone seems to be raving about them.

  31. Thanks for the follow, am following back :) . I haven't read quite a few on your list. Divergent, of course, I enjoyed...it's as tough and gritty as Hunger Games.

  32. I've read half of these, and totally want to read D & L's book of dares! Great list :D

  33. I wouldn't feel bad about not having read Lord of the Rings - they are pretty long. And you can always pretend to have read them if you've seen the movies ;-) I haven't read many on your list, either, but want to read The Duff and Jellicoe Road.

  34. I felt the same way about Book of Dares. The first chapter was good, but that was it.

  35. I agree that Dash and Lily's was boring! I'm not sure why everyone loves this book so much--I feel like the authors are trying way to hard to be intellectual and literary. I like literary fiction, but in this case, it just pissed me off, so I never finished reading it.

    I'm undecided about the Fallen series. I couldn't get into Fallen the first time I read it, but I finally gave it another shot a few weeks ago and finished it. I started Torment tonight, and I'm having a hard time getting into it, too.

  36. LEVIATHAN is one of my favorite series. It's so imaginative and the dual narrators are done very well. I love the character of Deryn Sharp, but both are really compelling. But I also really loved WAKE and FADE (GONE was a little dark for my taste).

  37. We're in the same boat with this list, I haven't read a single one either. I have quite a few on my list though - so many books, so little time!


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