19 September 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
Nightshade #2
Release: July 26, 2011 (UK)
Publisher: ATOM
Rating: 4 out of 5
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This thrilling sequel to the much-talked-about Nightshade begins just where it ended.Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemy, and she's certain her days are numbered. 

But then the Searchers make her an offer,one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack and the man she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive. - Goodreads Page
After reading Nightshade, I was so freaking excited to read Wolfsbane! I loved the first book in the trilogy, and I had high hopes for this one. I definitely enjoyed Wolfsbane, but it didn’t have the same appeal that Nightshade did. I think I know why, and I’ll get onto that in a minute.

Calla finds herself with the Searchers – her supposed enemies since birth – in a large academy, with Shay. She soon discovers that what the Keepers had been telling her hadn’t been entirely true, and the Searchers fill her in on a lot of stuff that she had missed. The Searchers want Calla to bring her pack back to the Academy, so they can win the war against the Keepers. Calla is all for it, she wants her pack to be safe, and so she and the Searchers go off to get the pack that she left behind whilst running away to save Shay.

There is a lot of stuff going on in this book, and I don’t mean action scenes. Most of the chapters are packed full of information on the war between the Searchers and the Keepers, and on the history of the Guardians. It was all very interesting, and I loved reading about it. The only problem was that, at times, the amount of information the Searchers shared at one time was heavy, and it felt like there were huge info dumps going on throughout the book. It was a bit too much.

The action scenes, when there were some, were fantastic! I was holding my breath as Calla & co. went to save her pack. The descriptions were fantastic. And oh my goodness – gargoyles! That’s all I’m going to say. That part gave me chills, it was so, so creepy!

There wasn’t much Ren in this book. He seriously only showed up in one scene, which I was a little annoyed about, as I love Ren! *hugs him tight*

I also hated Shay in this book. And when I say hated, I mean despised. He was such a dick in Wolfsbane, as he kept pushing Calla to do stuff, and wouldn’t let her stand up for herself. Ugh. I wanted someone to accidentally-on-purpose shoot him with an arrow, or whack a mace over his head or something. Bloody hell.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the book. The cliffhanger ending has kept me intrigued for the next book, and I read the first chapter of Bloodrose online and I loved it. Ah!  My lips are sealed, though, you’ll have to read the book to find out what’s next!  


  1. I definitely agree with you about Shay being kind of a dick, but I thought it was sort of necessary to show how he became their new alpha. Ren was always treating Calla that way when he was her alpha, and now that Shay's basically take over, he feels responsible and protective over her. Regardless, I'm team Ren :) Awesome review!

  2. this cover is so much better than the US one! stop by my blog! i have some original stock photos i found that were made into book covers!


  3. Oh my! I haven't even read Nightshade yet! Love the cover on this one too.

  4. Ugh! My library still hasn't gotten this in yet! I'm dying to read it, Nightshade was so good. I really hate hearing that Ren isn't in the book that much, I really liked him!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book!

  5. I completely agree with everything you just said! There were some HUGE info dumps and there were several times I had to go and re-read pages to make sure I got it all.

    And as for Shay! He was just coming on so strong with Calla I just wanted to scream at him to leave her alone.

    But overall I did love this book and I'm really looking forward to the next installment! Great review :)

  6. oh, i'd never seen this cover of wolfsbane--i think it's pretty cool.

    anyway, i've heard a lot about shay being a 'dick' in this book, so i'll watch out for that. thanks for the heads-up, heh.


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