15 February 2014

Love-a-Thon 2014: Blogger Interview

This is my first time participating in Katelyn and Alexa's Book Blogger Love-a-Thon! I saw the event happen last year, but I didn't sign up in time, unfortunately! So when I saw it was happening again, I jumped straight in. 

I'm very excited about this weekend and all the different events and challenges that are going to go down. I'm looking forward to meeting new bloggers, as well as having fun with people that I already know. Since there are a lot of mini challenges, I won't be overwhelming you all with a trillion posts, so don't worry. I'll be posting today's mini challenges in one post together, and then do the same again tomorrow. Hopefully your readers and inboxes won't be too cluttered!

Kicking off this event are the blogger interviews. I was paired with Paige from What's Next? The Readers Go To Blog to Find Out What's Good, who started blogging early last year. We interviewed each other, and you can check out my answers to her questions over on her blog. 
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am still in high school, I play varsity basketball currently and am definitely hoping to make varsity soccer as well. In the fall I play in the marching band and also play with my local travel soccer club. I do love to read, but sometimes it is a little difficult because there are days where I leave my house at 6:30 in the morning and don't really return until after midnight. With the reading also comes the writers side of me. Like with music, I find that writing is a way to express myself without revealing who I completely am.

2. How did you discover the blogging community, and what made you start your own blog?
I discovered the blogging community through a website that does not exist any more as of January 1st called Random Buzzers. I looked at some of the reviews and most of them were just two or three sentences long but there were a small amount of others that were two, three, even four paragraphs long. With these longer reviews there were links to websites, which turned out to be blogs. I saw that some of these blogs had books that had been reviewed and not even come out yet. I thought that would be pretty cool and reviewing books would be a lot of fun, so I started. Its been a little over a year now and I am still attempting to review even with my insane schedule. 

3. What has been your favourite blogging experience so far?
I know this is going to sound a little weird, but I don't really have a favorite blogging experience. This really the first event I have done and with reviewing it's like you do the same thing every time.

4. Do you have any blogging goals for this year?
My blogging goals for this year definitely includes bringing in more daily hits. Also I would like to be more on a schedule during the summer when my life is not as crazy and I actually have time to sit down and read.

5. Is there anything you would like to do (blog-wise) but can't right now, for whatever reason?
I would like to be in more blogging events.

6. Name three of your favourite blogs and share the love!
The first one I like the most is the Awesome Bookworm. I like this one because she started her blog about the same time I did but has done so much more to it. I absolutely LOVE it. The second is The Bookshelves mainly because this was my first blog that I actually started going to as like a comparison. I don't really have another blog that I follow on a weekly basis. I thought that these two were great so I just stuck with them.

7. Finally, who are your favourite fictional couples?
Okay, the one I have been waiting for. My absolute favorite Rose and Dimitri from The Vampire Academy (which came out two day ago!!!). Then Sydney and Adrian from Bloodlines, after that would definitely be Tris and Four from Divergent, and the last one would be Kelsey and Kishan from the Tiger's Voyage.
A huge thank you to Paige for answering my questions! More Love-a-Thon posts and challenges will be coming up soon, but in the meantime I will be out commenting on other blogs. Feel free to link your own Love-a-Thon interviews in the comments below! And I have a question for you all: Have you discovered an awesome new blog today? Share the love!


  1. Oh, seems like Paige has a lot going on. Even my busy schedule is not that busy lol. Oh, yeah, schedules are tough. I'm trying to be back on schedule again, but my Dec and Jan hiatus is really not making things easy, because on one hand--so many reviews, on the other--I just want to chill haha. Blogging events are cool, so Paige, I hope you manage to get into them more and more :) I LOVE ME SOME ROSE AND DIMITRI!!! *swoons* And Amber, yes, I did discover 3 new blogs today. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  2. Paige's schedule makes my complaining about mine seem RIDICULOUS. Amazing that you manage to do so much Paige!!!

  3. I find it hard to find time to blog just balancing a full-time job and my real life commitments. I can't imagine doing everything Paige does AND still trying to blog - kudos to you girl!

  4. Wow, Paige! I don't know how you juggle blogging and reading with all your extra-curricular activities, but let it be said that I think it's awesome. I, too, LOVE Tris and Four from Divergent; they're an awesome couple. Are you looking forward to the movie?

  5. Wow, talking about a busy life! I hardly find the right balance between school/life, way to go :) I haven't read enough books to really ship Rose/Dimitri, but a lot of people are fan of that couple!


  6. Wow is the word, I have to agree with everyone else, what a busy bee Paige is! It's fun getting to know her! Totally agree about Dimitri and Rose, and Tris and Four!

  7. I can't believe Paige is so busy and still has time to blog. Those are some excellent skills. And Rose and Dimitri are perfection okay? okay. They made me cry a lot. Though I'm not talking about their movie versions because no thank you.

  8. Yikes! Leaving the house so early and getting back at midnight- it'd be so hard to find time to read. Looks like you've got a good balance going though :D
    Romitri and Sydrian are definitely awesome ships. Richelle balances her romances out so nicely!

  9. Whoa, Paige has a busy life and she still finds the time to read and blog. This is pretty impressive!

    Domitri is one of my favorite ships ever though I don't have much hopes from the VA movie.


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