16 February 2014

Love-a-Thon 2014: Book Blogger Awards

I only had time to do one of the mini challenges today, but I think I chose the best one! This is the one that I've been most excited for. I have only given each blogger one award each even though they might fall into multiple categories, because there were so many people that I wanted to give awards to!

Best Blog Design
A lot of bloggers have an amazing blog design, and it was very hard to narrow the list down to five. Seriously, people are so creative and talented! First we have Literary, etc, whose simple pink design plus the hot air balloon is made of win. Gypsy Reviews has some gorgeous colours, and I adore the blue and grey on Novel Heartbeat. I will be surprised if Pop! Goes the Reader isn't on a bunch of lists, because Jen's design is so bubbly and cute. And, last but definitely not least, Oh, Chrys! also has a design that I love. I find it so calming!

Best Weekly Feature
This one was a tough one because so many of the people I list in this post have great features, but I wanted to include them in other categories as well. But I managed to pick out three that I think are fantastic. Firstly, there's The Novel Hermit's You're Just My Type, which is a weekly post on typography. For a font collector like myself, this is fantastic! Hopeless Romantics recently launched a new feature called Shipping Couples, which was basically made for the fangirl in me. Did you really think I could pass that up? And then we have Rinn Reads's Fantasy Friday, which I keep going on about and if you haven't checked it out yet then you definitely should!

Best Discussion Posts
The number one spot has to go to The Perpetual Page-Turner, right? I mean, if we were listing people in order then I think most people would put Jamie first due to her creativity, personality, and all-round good nature. Sana from Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile posts excellent discussion posts that I can't get enough of. Writer of Wrongs should get an award just for her gif/meme choices, let alone her posts as a whole. Pretty Little Reader writes amazingly thought-out posts, and she always comes across as elegant and sophisticated. Unlike myself. I Read, Ergo I Write writes excellent posts on almost everything, including adaptations, and current goings on around the bookosphere and media.

Friendliest Blogger
Mel from The Daily Prophecy is the sweetest, friendliest blogger I know. She's always so nice to everybody, and takes so much time out of her day to spread the blogger love. I'm so happy and lucky to be able to call her my friend. Kelly from Belle of the Literati is always lovely as well, and I should definitely take the time to talk with her more because she's adorable. Ellis from The Random Transliterator is always there to encourage my language learning, and I love speaking with her - she's hilarious! Kelly from Effortlessly Reading is someone I've been friends with for a while, and I love her to pieces. And, finally, Alexa Loves Books has to go into this category because she's so sweet and kind to everybody. I often worry that my crazy fangirling freaks her out because she's always so nice!

Most Helpful Reviews
A Reader of Fictions writes amazing reviews, and while I don't read every single one, I find the ones that I do read incredibly useful and informative. Christina covers everything! Similarly, My Friends Are Fiction also writes very indepth reviews, and you can always count on Kristen to give her complete and honest opinion. I love the reviews over at The Midnight Garden, especially as they always include so many quotes, and Realm of Fiction has many great reviews!

Favourite Bloggers to Fangirl With
Paper Riot is my first mate, my partner in crime, and the person who I run to when I need to shout about a book - even if she hasn't read it! Judith and I love a good fangirl freakout, and it's what we spend 80% of our time doing. Little Pieces of Imagination is also a great person to fangirl with, and I love that she's always there to watch my breakdowns. I'm sorry for putting you through everything, Siiri! And, finally, there is Tatum, who I wasn't going to include because she has convinced herself that she's not a book blogger. But she's my co-blogger, and therefore she is most definitely qualified to be on this list. Tatum is my ~twinflame~, and we've been on a lot of fangirling journeys together. Watching shows is just not the same without her, because I can always count on her to understand what I'm feeling. Or, if not, she will just laugh at me. Which is good too. 

Best New Discoveries
I just had to include this category because I've discovered some fantastic blogs this weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting to know the people behind them a little better! Firstly, we have Book. Blog. Bake., who is a Texan (the best people are Texans... or Aussies) and seems like a lovely person. Danielle from Love at First Page has a wonderful blog with such a clean design. Natflix & Books is a new discovery that I adore because, hello, everything about Natalie's blog is awesome, from the name to the fact that she also reviews movies.
And that's it! I tried to include as many people as I could, although I know that I left a bunch of people out. If any of you discovered new blogs this weekend, you should link them up in the comments so I can check them out! Or, link up your old favourites. I want to find as many awesome new bloggers as possible!


  1. This event is SO good for my self confidence <3 Yesterday I was feeling a bit 'meh' about my presence in the blogosphere and this is exactly what I need. THANK YOU. I'm also happy I can call you my friend :)

    1. And because I was too excited and bouncy, I forgot to talk about the other bloggers you've mentioned. Ahem.

      Gypsy reviews & Literary etc have gorgeous designs.You're just my type is a great new feature! The perpetual page turner has some of the best posts.Kelly & Alexa are both sweet bloggers. A reader of fiction has great reviews, the same for Sam & The midnight garden. Judith is great for fangirling yes!

  2. Gah Amber, you sure know how to make a girl smile eh? Haha! <3

    Cee's typography feature is GREATTT, I love fonts so it fulfils the typographic geek in me. I couldn't agree more about Jamie! Her posts are just incredible and I love reading them.

  3. i see you're working hard at your blogging resolution to convince me i am one of you XD to quote my favourite character ever bar none 'you're my flag, you're my nation'

  4. I agree with you that Mel is one of the sweetest! My sweet tooth is always happy when Jenny from Supernatural Snark is around, because she's just as kind and lovely as Mel and always gives love to everyone. I don't know Alexa that well, but I have visited her blog once or twice and I follow her on twitter so whenever I do have time to scroll some of my feed, then I usually always see her chatting people up with love so I guess I can agree? LOL. Plus, she's one of the co-authors of this event, so she must be made of love, right? ;) My favorite helpful bloggers are Christina (Christina Loves YA) and Lauren (Love is Not a Triangle) who always give thorough reviews, though yours are extremely helpful as well. I may not always comment, but I do read quite a few of them and they're full of information and always help me whenever I'm inbetween the difficult "to buy or not to buy, that is the question". Haha. Judith loves Teen Wolf so even if she wasn't a 12 out of 10 on the fangirl radar, she'd still be awesome. And thanks for the mentioning :) I should add that if I would have participated in this event, you and KB Ritchie would have been the top three of my fangirl mentionings. You guys are insane, haha. Great list of bloggers, Amber!

  5. There are so many great bloggers on here! And so many that I need to check out! Kelly from Belle of the Literati also won one of my awards. ;) Great choices!

  6. Thank you so much for including me and my blog! And in the same paragraph as with Sam from Realm of Fiction. I'm really honored...thank you so much! Love your selections--I'm aware of most of the blogs you've selected...I'll have to check out the small handful I'm not aware of. Kelly from Effortlessly Reading is wonderful (and so funny)! Again, thank you!!

  7. SO many great bloggers/blogs. It's so difficult to just chose a few to highlight, I love this whole community, but you have some pretty fantastic picks <3

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  8. This is such a neat feature I've seen around, and I absolutely love it! I like seeing people talking about so many blogs, and spreading the love so much. I've sort of been on the outside because I have no idea what this entire event is, and it sort of sprung up out of nowhere for me. xD I have been trying to keep up with it, but it ends tonight. I'm hoping the next time it comes around I'll be more prepared. :P

    A LOT of these blogs are so great, and have so many nice people behind them! Some I haven't heard of, but I'm going to check them out now. I love finding new blogs. :) Fantastic picks.

  9. Jamie of Perpetual Page Turner is in my list too! I just love her discussion posts!
    Omg how could I forget Jessica's and Steph's Shipping Couples feature!? But yeah I really love that feature too :)) This post gives me so many new blogs to visit and follow :D

  10. I feel slightly overwhelmed by this post because I only 'know' two of the blogs here and I want to check them all out but ahhhh, you know? Haha. I will find the time though. Some of those weekly posts sound right up my street!

    And also...I haven't heard about 'twin flames' in so long. Flasssshback.

  11. Eeep, thank you so much for mentioning me, Amber! <3 I work hard on that feature so it's so nice to hear such positive feedback. I really appreciate it!

    There are so many bloggers with gorgeous designs that I'm jealous of. If I did this post I wouldn't know where to stop listing them, haha. And Jamie certainly comes up with loads of discussion posts, on such a variety of topics, and definitely deserves a mention.

    Now I'm off to check out the other blogs I don't know too much about, as they come well recommended ;D

  12. First thought - "I do?!"

    But honestly, THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU! I've just started with the discussion posts and its like feeling my way in the dark b/c I dont know if its good or not, and for you to mention it means so much! <3

    I love hanging out at Pop! Goes The Reader and Oh! Chrys just for the designs (while their content is great too, I live for design)! And Sana's discussion posts are like little nuggets in information, just bursting at the seams. I love how much of research she puts in to them! Actually, I'd love to know how she does her research because I could learn a couple of things from her :D

    1. That is not creepy at all (if you were wondering. I'm not). =P

      Anyway, thank you so much! I just generally go crazy on Google whenever a discussion topic pops up in my head. =D

    2. Haha no, it's not. Sometimes even when I've caught up with their posts, I just go to stare for a bit :D

      And I'm pretty sure everyone goes crazy on Google when they get ideas. But it's the rare person who's got something called 'Googling skills' (I just coined that term), which is essential to find the right stuff. And you do. In spades.

      In case you haven't caught on yet, I'm jealous ;)

  13. You- you can't get enough of my discussion posts? I LOVE YOU.

    Also, you should write more discussion posts because you have a talent for them! <3

    Yes, I love sooo many of the bloggers on this list. We are all so fabulous.

  14. Aww, thank you for the mention Amber! <3 I love you to pieces too and ESPECIALLY enjoy all your twitter ships. I basically stalk all those ship tweets you tweet. :P

  15. Elegant and sophisticated?! *happy tears*

    Totally getting that printed on a t-shirt.

    Thanks for the mention!! <33 I'm so honoured to be in such fantastic company AND to be featured on such a wonderful blog, by such a fabulous blogger! Muah!


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