30 June 2013

Debut-a-Thon Day 4 + Challenge #4

Day 4!
I can't believe it's the last day already! This read-a-thon has gone by way too fast. I'm rather ashamed to say that I didn't read very much yesterday. I think I read about three chapters of Angelfall. I have a good excuse though, and that is I decided to get sunburnt and drunk with the rest of my village since there were festivities happening. Now I'm currently hoping I won't have to nurse a hangover.

Challenge #4
For your fourth and final challenge (ikr? *sobs*), you are required to SOLVE THAT DEBUT. Unsure what that means? Me too. 
Basically the idea is to figure out which debuts I'm talking about from my ridiculous descriptions. Hopefully it shouldn't be too hard, but I am still slightly drunk right now so... I'm unsure.

Once again, please don't put your answers in the #debutathon hashtag, because that's annoying and it spoils other people. Don't spoil anyone, don't look at other people's posts and cheat, and don't put the link to your answers in the form below. Put the link in the comment section!

If you complete this challenge, then you'll be entered to win two signed bookmarks. One is for Bot Wars by J. V. Kade, and the second is for Altered by Jennifer Rush. And yes, they are the same person. It's open internationally, and you have to be a participate of the debut-a-thon to enter. Good luck! Don't forget you can check out the list on Goodreads if you need some help. All the titles are on there!

1. A girl with an annoyingly infamous mother is one of a kind at a boarding school for magical folk. Can she solve a murder and set herself apart from her mother?

2. A young orphan decides to investigate some murders that are happening within her magical city. Are they the work of assassins, or something far worse? Also, will Amber ever be over her cat ship?

3. Two courageous sisters have to survive in a world that has been destroyed by aliens. Their special bond is what gets them through, until they are "rescued" and taken to a town full of other survivors. They soon discover that the town really is too good to be true.

4. A family are on the run for reasons unknown to the protagonist. Can she discover the reasons behind all this special treatment before the past catches up with her?

5. A thirteen year old girl returns home after a trip to camp, only to discover that she's been missing for three years and has no recollection of what happened to her.
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  1. Oooh one of those was actually rather difficult, but here are my answers :)

    Hope you don't have a hangover :P AND HURRY UP AND FINISH ANGELFALL. That's an absorbing read though, so you should be fine.

  2. I have to agree, one was incredibly hard... I actually went through the entire first page of the Goodreads Debut list and read the description for every single book... I'm still not 100% convinced, but here are my answers: https://twitter.com/plueschbooks/status/351269416526295042

  3. I struggled too, and I'm not sure on one or two of them, but oh well: My Answers

  4. Finally completed it here.. but the real question is, did I get them right? xD

  5. That was so hard but I think I got them all... here are my answers: http://unravelingbooks.blogspot.com/2013/06/debut-thon-by-books-of-amber.html

  6. I failed this read-a-thon, but if you do it again, I'll have a second chance :D I will make sure I'm free and don't have a birthday to go to, a movie to see, oh, and four days to work. EVEN SUNDAY. Ugh. I might still do the challenges some day, because I'd love to. But probably not since NO LAPTOP (insert more whining here. Sorry).



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